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Sarah DeWitt
Independent Wellness Advocate

Welcome to my DoTERRA website! I am a missionary wife serving alongside my husband, Todd, and a mother to two handsome twin boys who were born on December 27th, 2017. We have been missionaries to Southern Brazil since June of 2016 and enjoy serving the Lord in ministry. When I’m not taking care of these precious boys I enjoy playing the piano, singing, reading and using DoTERRA essential oils in everyday life! Always looking for a healthier more natural way of life for myself I was introduced to DoTERRA a couple of years ago by a dear friend of mine. I remember agreeing to use Oregano oil on a wart of mine that I had been battling for quite a while. After using the oil daily on my wart that was on my thumb for about a week I noticed it was completely gone. The oregano oil had dried up the wart and I’ve been wart free ever since! That is just one of many personal experiences I’ve had with the power of DoTERRA oils since I’ve been using them for about three years now. God gave us all the resources in His creation to care for our bodies I believe. Are you ready to make a healthy choice? The choice is up to YOU!

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