Our pure essential oils are revolutionizing the way families manage their health. We harness nature's most powerful elements and share these gifts through our global community of Wellness Advocates.

Jacquelyn Hunt
Independent Wellness Advocate

Hello and thanks for visiting my website! I’m so glad you’re interested in the power of essential oils for yourself (and family). I was first introduced to doTERRA 3 years ago and have absolutely loved having these amazing tools for myself during pregnancy and for my family and kids. I have a 4 and 2 year old and a newborn that was born in October. Being able to support my kids health in an all natural and effective way has been a game changer! There are 2 ways to get started with a wholesale membership where you’ll save 25% off retail prices. You can purchase a starter kit with the most popular and used oils (membership included), or purchase just the membership for $35. Everything else added to your cart will be at the wholesale prices. Purchasing a kit: My most popular kit is the Home Essentials Kit and a close second is the Natural Solutions Kit. Both give you a great platform to begin using oils and wellness products in your home right away. If you’re looking for a mini starter kit, the family essentials kit is a great budget friendly option! To order: - Click on Join & Save on the top bar - Choose Wholesale Customer or Wellness Advocate. Unsure? Don't worry, it is free to change to a business account later, if you wish. - Fill out the form with your information and make sure my ID number and name pop up as well, if not enter: 4730780 - Choose your kit from the top sliding bar. - If creating a custom kit, first add the Introductory Packet or Essentials Booklet ($35) to your cart and then using the search bar in the cart add the rest of your items. - Process your order and wait for your doTERRA Kit to arrive as well as a welcome box and e-mail from me. Education is super important to my community and we provide two weeks of free oil education (optional) right after your oils arrive as well as ongoing support and education. I have an active community of oilers who are happy to brainstorm your needs with you too. Also, follow me on Instagram for oil usage tips, training and giveaways! @essentially_oiled_mama

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