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Earth Wind Fire Yoga
Independent Wellness Advocate

EARTH :: UNITY – our community drives us, our focus is on you WIND :: MOVEMENT – our varied schedule balances your physical and energetic bodies FIRE :: TRANSFORMATION – we challenge you to ignite your maximum potential Earth + Wind + Fire = a specialty yoga studio that caters to your whole being In 2008 Jaime opened Central Seattle’s first vinyasa yoga studio, Mountain Flow Yoga, in the heart of Madison Park. Alice was her very first employee and Madzy was a student in the very first class. Madzy practiced at Mountain Flow Yoga nearly every day and within a year she became a teacher. Little did we know, a decade ago, that a true sisterhood was forming and that no matter where our paths meandered, merged and divided we would always be together as sisters in yoga: practicing, teaching and sharing a true passion for yoga side by side. This synergistic sisterhood stems from our unique energetic balance of earth, wind and fire. In Ayurveda, the medicine of yoga, people are generally one predominant dosha (or constitution). In Sanskrit, people are either kapha (earth), vata (wind) or pitta (fire). Alice is kapha/earth: grounded, responsible, reliable, even-tempered, unflappable and calming. Madzy is vata/wind: playful, fluid, lively, creative, excitable and imaginative. Jaime is pitta/fire: focused, entrepreneurial, passionate, energetic, assertive and independent. While the common thread of beautiful, creative flow weaves through all of our teaching styles, each of us is directed by our dosha. Expect to be grounded by Alice, whirled by Madzy and ignited by Jaime. Our sisterhood of earth, wind and fire will bring depth, balance and well-roundedness to your practice. While Earth Wind Fire Yoga is a primarily a vinyasa flow studio, we offer a wide variety of yoga styles. From the very athletic and challenging Flow classes, to Slow Flow, to Yoga for the Stiff and Scared, to Yin Yoga, to Restorative Yoga; Earth Wind Fire offers an energetically balanced practice for any and all yogis who desire fitness-based yoga offered for a variety of levels and energetic needs.

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