Our pure essential oils are revolutionizing the way families manage their health. We harness nature's most powerful elements and share these gifts through our global community of Wellness Advocates.

Daniella Brause
Independent Wellness Advocate

Aloha! Hi! Let me introduce myself- I am Daniella Brause. I live on Kauai, am a co parenting mom to our girls Daysha who is 7 and Naila who is 3. Besides dancing, enjoying Kauai and being a mama, I run my doTERRA business from here to you, all over the world near and far. I would LOVE to serve you and add you to my oil ohana. You have options... When you join my team you are going to get a FREE wellness consult with me to go over your health concerns and oil protocols so we can best walk you through what you purchased and how to best use it all in your home and family or self. I give you access to my online education that will teach you exactly how to use your oils safely and effectively, and a whole oil community online where you can ask questions and get support! There are several ways to get oils into your home- 1. Retail (click the shop tab) However we all like to save money right?! So option #2- wholesale- is hands down the best way to buy. This is why... You receive 25% off retail pricing including that what you order in that first order. Having a wholesale membership requires NO selling products (although I have business training and mentoring available if that interests you!) nor making minimum purchases it is just a great way to save money on your products! You also have the option of earning up to an additional 30% back on what you buy through our optional loyalty rewards program! So how do you become a wholesale member? 1. You can pay a $35 fee and get everything at 25% off OR 2. Purchase one of doTERRA's enrollment kits and you get your membership FREE, that 35. is waived, plus, you get a range of products priced BELOW wholesale to get you started! All kits include the TOP doTERRA products and are truly the products I use on a daily basis in my home! Also, every kit is going to include a welcome package from me with things to get you started on your oil journey! Varies based on kit. Email me at dancedaniella@me.com or call or text me at 808-631-6545, to get info on my current monthly specials and promotions. Or reach out if you need help deciding where to start. Its easy to join- Simply click on the "join and save" option -choose your country (I have members all over the world) -choose your wholesale option (the only difference is with the wellness advocate option you can earn commissions IF you decide you want to sell product) -put in your info (my enroller ID is 194375 if it doesn't populate) -choose your kit or membership option, add anything else you would like at wholesale by typing it into the white search bar -then checkout THEN! Contact me, me so I can get you plugged into online education/resources and get a welcome package out to you! I truly cannot wait to help you see what these oils can do within your home! They have been life changing for me and my girls and home. Non Toxic Cleaning, even they can touch and do! And it actually boosts our health. First Aid around the clock. Basic needs around the clock for all. You know, head tension, digestive support, mood support! (my fav and big testimonies here from me.. just ask me), skin, PREVENTATIVE care, and all the typical season threats. I have lot's of education on all of this to serve you with ease.

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