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Cynthia Joy Maurice
Independent Wellness Advocate

Experience AROMA JOY MASSAGE! The Powerful, wellness benefits of essential oils are combined with healing, therapeutic Massage. Provided exclusively in the Myrtle Beach, SC area. Cynthia Joy Maurice - Creator of Aroma Joy, is a Licensed Massage Therapist and an Essential Oils Specialist. Aroma Joy is so much more than enjoying the scents of your favorite oils, it is unique and restorative for your mind, body & spirit. Aroma Joy Massage can be described as a Swedish Massage with the added use of natural plant essential oils to enhance the therapeutic healing effects of the massage. Each of the personally chosen essential oils are used topically & aromatically during your massage. During Aroma Joy massage, natural essential plant oils are applied along with the massage oil/lotion. These oils, along with the massage can help with many different needs, like: to naturally soothe aches and pains, ease anxiety, promote rest/relaxation, (or invigorate, increase vitality and energy), lift your mood, relieve stress and tension, support your immune system health, and soothe, comfort and tone your skin. Just like a Swedish or Therapeutic Massage, you can choose the pressure and what problem areas to focus more attention on. And, depending on your needs, I will use a few different essential oils, each with their own, very specific therapeutic benefits. So, whatever your need is, there's an oil for that! A powerful and rewarding treatment, Aroma JOY offers many benefits to the mind, body & spirit. If you seek A unique & holistic approach to wellness, choose Aroma Joy. To focus your Massage on something more specific, you may choose from the following categories, and I will use only the essential oils that will be the BEST help for your specific needs and wants: Pain Relieving Relaxing and Calming Energizing & Awakening Uplifting & Joyful Stress & Tension Relieving Immunity Building Soothing and Toning Choose from 3 Myrtle Beach locations for your appointment in 30, 60, 90 or 120 minute time slots. Prices start at $65. For more information, visit https://cynthiamaurice.amtamembers.com/

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