Prime Wellness Club

Prime Wellness Club

Between the launch of Prime Meridian and the new wave to health care coming, we see huge potential for doTERRA leaders to be an active part of taking doTERRA to the next level!

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Qualifications for Prime Wellness Club

Similar to incentive trip qualification, this program will include a point system based on enrollments and new Loyalty Rewards orders. Leaders will be tracked individually and ranked in standings based on the number of points they have earned.

The Prime Wellness Club qualification runs for a year; from March 1, 2019 through February 29, 2020. During this time, leaders will work toward the standings, but the final standings for payout/recognition will be based on the numbers on the last day of February. The Prime Wellness Club does overlap in timing and activities with the Incentive Trip qualification. doTERRA is allowing leaders to “double dip” and earn points for both Prime Wellness Club and the Incentive Trip at the same time!

Points are reset every year and the club will restart on March 1 for the next year. 

How Points are Earned

  1. doTERRA Enrollment*: Points earned from new enrollments in the U.S. and Canada. Qualification begins March 1, 2019 and goes through February 29, 2020.
  2. Enrolling Order Points Received
    100–249PV 2
    250PV+ 3

    *Participants may only count 400 points from enrollments toward their total number.

  3. Loyalty Reward Orders: If a new doTERRA member enrolls with a 100PV+ order during the qualification period, the enroller can earn points for Loyalty Rewards Orders in the following three months. Loyalty Reward Orders must be 100PV+ to receive points.
  4. LRP Month Points Received
    2 2
    3 2
    4 2


  1. Wellness Advocates must maintain a Loyalty Rewards order of 100PV+, every month of the qualification period or beginning the month following enrollment, if enrolled during the qualification period.
  2. A Wellness Advocate's account must remain in good standing during the qualification period. 

Track Your Points

Payout and Recognition 

Prime Wellness Club Graphic

300 positions (each eligible for one share) are split into tiers with additional types of rewards.

Shares will be funded by a pool of whichever is larger*:

  1. One percent revenue growth from U.S. and Canada 
  2. One percent Prime Meridian revenue from U.S. and Canada

    *A minimum guaranteed payout of $3,333

Prime Wellness Founders

Prime Wellness Club Graphic

For the first four years, the top 25 finishers of the Prime Wellness Club will earn a spot as a Prime Wellness Founder*. This leaves 200 spots at the start of the fifth year for all Wellness Advocates to work torward! 

*Prime Wellness Founders get to keep their one share forever. Requirements must be met to maintain status in the pool, but participants do not have to qualify in the top 300 each year. If the requirements to keep the spot are not met in future years, that perpetual share will not pay out.


Participating in a Co-Impact Trip

The top 200 Prime Wellness Club 2019-2020 winers get to participate in the Bulgaria Co-Impact Sourcing® trip! Flights (stipend of up to $1,500) and cost of trip will be covered, but no share will pay out during year one. If someone cannot participate in the trip doTERRA will pay out their share at year value. The value of the trip will be higher than a share initially, so there will be additional expenses covered by doTERRA for those who choose to go to Bulgaria*.

*Trip is for one person per account


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to enroll members of my team in the Prime Meridian Clinics to qualify?

A: No, points are earned based on enrollments and Loyalty Reward Orders for U.S. and Canada.

Q: Can I qualify as a Prime Wellness Club Founder multiple times?

A: No, once you have a Founder space you can continue to qualify in the pool of the top 300, but only one Founder position is allowed per account.

Q: Do I need to live in a city with a Prime Meridian Clinic to participate?

A: No, it does not matter where you live because qualifications are tied to U.S. and Canada doTERRA enrollments and Loyalty Reward Orders, not clinic operations.

Q: Do enrollments outside the U.S. and Canada count toward qualification?

A: No, points are earned based on U.S. and Canada enrollments and Loyalty Reward Orders.

Q: How do I earn a share?

A: Shares are determined by the standings on the last day of February each year. If you are in the top 300 (or 200 after year four), you will be in the Prime Wellness Club that year and will receive your share payout (or invitation to Co-Impact Sourcing trip). Standings are determined by point totals.

Q: How do I earn points?

A: Points are earned for personally enrolled new Wellness Advocates or Wholesale Customers when they enroll with 100 PV+ enrollment orders. Additional points are earned when the new, personally-enrolled members purchase 100 PV+ Loyalty Reward Orders during the three months following their enrollment.

Q: Do all of my enrollments count toward the Prime Wellness Club?

A: All enrollments in the U.S. and Canada that have 100 PV+ count toward the incentive. If an enrollment comes in with less than 100 PV, that enrollee’s subsequent Loyalty Reward Orders will not count for the club.

Q: Do I get points when I refer people to Prime Meridian clinics?

A: No. Points are only earned for enrollments and Loyalty Reward Orders.

Q: Do I need to keep personal enrollership of all my enrollments through the entire contest?

A: Yes, transferring enrollership will also transfer the points.

Q: How is the pool calculated?

A: At the end of the qualifying year, the doTERRA Finance Department will determine which number is greater: either one percent growth in the U.S. and Canada or one percent of revenue from Prime Meridian. The minimum guaranteed payout is $3,333 USD.

Q: How is the pool divided?

A: There are always 300 shares in the pool. The Founders each receive one share and the other top club finishers will also receive a share.

Q: If my new enrollee doesn’t join Loyalty Reward Program (LRP) in the month following enrollment, but does the month after, will I receive the LRP points for months three and four?

A: Yes. You can earn points independent of each other in months two, three, and four, based on 100 PV LRP orders for your new enrollee. No points are earned after month four.

Q: Can I gift Loyalty Reward Orders to my new members and count those points?

A: No. Enrollment and Loyalty Reward Orders that count toward the standings should be paid for solely by the new member.

Q: What happens to my founder spot when I die?

A: The Founder position stays with the person who earned it during their lifetime. If the account is passed on when someone dies, the Founder position does not transfer.

Q: When will I know what the requirements to maintain Founder status are?

A: Requirements to maintain a Founder position will be announced when the first Founders are determined.

Q: What if I don’t maintain the requirements to keep my Founders position?

A: If the requirements are not met each year, the Founder’s spot is lost and will not be filled again.

Q: What if I have a Founder position and later work to be in the top 200?

A: If you are in the top 200 you can qualify for a second share in the pool in addition to your Founder share.

Q: If I qualify in the top 300, but not top 200, can I go on the Co-Impact Sourcing trip?

A: The Co-Impact Sourcing trip is only an option for those who finish in the top 200. Those who finish in the top 201–300 will receive the share payout. 

Q: How long will the Prime Wellness Club incentive last?

A: For the first four years, there are 25 Founder spaces available each year. Starting the fifth year, there will be 200 spaces available every year after that, while the club is continuing.

Q: How many points can I earn from qualifying LRP orders?

A: Two points will be earned when qualifying enrollees place an LRP order of 100PV+ during the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th months of enrollment. No points can be earned after this time period

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