Episode 8: How to Support Your Brain Function Naturally

How to Support Your Brain Function Naturally

This episode Betty Torres talks about how to improve your brain function naturally. She’ll share which supplements and oils she uses every day to support her body as well as lifestyle changes that she recommends to make sure you’re giving your brain all the support you can.


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Hi, my name is Betty Torres, and I live in San Antonio, Texas. I'm originally from the Minneapolis, Minnesota area. Today I'm gonna talk to you about just a great topic. It's about focus and motivation. It's very, very important to really take care of yourself, and to find the products, and the lifestyle that's going to work for you. Today I'm gonna share my personal tips for how you can be more focused, and more motivated. 

Living a Lifestyle

It's super important for people to understand it's not just about taking a product, it's about living a lifestyle, so sleep, drinking enough water, eating the right foods. What are the right foods? We need to have that discussion and getting physical activity. If we don't get out there and move, we are not going to have the energy that we need to be focused and motivated. It's all about loving yourself enough to live a healthy lifestyle. Don't bite it off at once—there's no way—that's a sure way to fail. Pick one thing, what am I going to do? What am I gonna get better at starting today? Do that for a few days, or a few weeks, and then, add something else, and it will be a cycle of you improving your overall health. 


Now, let's go into the products. Here's my daily routine. I take the Lifelong Vitality Pack. I take it every single day, and I take the full dosage—the full amount for 150-pound adult. Why do I take these products? I know that my body needs nutritional resources in order to do the job that it's designed by nature to do. These products are going to support every single system of my body. 

Lifelong Vitality: Microplex VMz®

The Microplex VMz, vitamins and minerals from whole food sources infused with essential oils. What do the essential oils do? The essential oils are going to help to clear off the cell receptor sites so your cells can communicate better with each other. 72 trace minerals in addition to the vitamins. Why are the minerals important? The minerals are important because the vitamins don't know what to do without the minerals, so the minerals allocate the vitamins throughout your body. 

Lifelong Vitality: xEO Omega®

Next, we've got the xEO Omega. The xEO Omega is the good fats, your omega 3, 6, 9, and 5. They are what nourish your brain. Your brain is right around 80% fat. These are the good fats that will feed your brain. They also are going to provide your body with clean fuel to burn so that you have energy, and stamina.

Lifelong Vitality: Alpha CRS+®

The CRS+, that's a super antioxidant. That's protection for your cells. There're amazing products in there, coenzyme Q10, turmeric, grape seed, pine bark, sesame seed. It's just a whole list of different products that are great antioxidant. It's all combined in that product. I take these without fail every single day. It's best to space them out two in the morning, and two in the afternoon, and I put them in a little container, and I have them set out each day so that I can, if I'm in a hurry, I can just grab it, and take it with me, but I make sure that I've taken that container by the end of the day, so this is your nutritional foundation. This is number one before you look at any target products, go and nourish your body first, and your body can do some amazing things.

Digestive System

Next is the digestive system. The digestive system is very important. 60 to 85% of our immune system is in our digestive system, and there is a huge connection between our gut, our digestive system, and our brain. If we have a backed-up system, and a backed-up sewage system basically where we're not eliminating properly, what do you think your thoughts are going to be? Are your thoughts going to be positive and happy? No, your thoughts are going to be negative. You're going to have a hard time with your memory. It's just not a good situation when your digestive system is in distress, so these are two products I use every day. 

DigestZen TerraZyme®: Digestive Enzyme Complex

The TerraZyme, digestive enzymes, 10 different digestive enzymes in that product, and each one will help to break down a different type of food. I take the TerraZyme with meals. If I'm eating a salad, I'll take one, if I'm eating a larger meal, let's say I'm eating a steak, which I don't do often, but if I am, I am gonna take three, because that's going to help my body breakdown that food, and it's gonna help move it out. Also, when we're eating cooked and processed food which most of us are out of convenience, we need to have these enzymes, because the cooked and processed food does not have enzymes, and what happens is that the body cannot digest the food, you can't move it out, you aren't having your regular bowel movements. Some of it kind of like backs up into your blood, and your blood creates antibodies, and then, you become allergic to that food. It's really, really important to break down the food and move it out, and that's the role that the TerraZyme plays.

PB Assist®

The PB Assist, that's probiotics, and they are special probiotics. dōTERRA has a double encapsulated probiotic, and the reason for the double encapsulation is that most probiotics, when you take them, they get to the stomach, and the stomach is like, “Oh, it's food.” And, sends them the acids to break down the food, and so it compromises the probiotics so it never really gets to the intestines where it can repopulate the good flora that is essential for good digestion. What the PB Assist does because it is double encapsulated, the clear capsule is the prebiotic, and the green capsule that's inside of the clear capsule is the probiotic, and what the prebiotic does is it protects the probiotic through the stomach, through the digestive process, and gets it into the intestines to repopulate that good flora, and all of us in this country are depleted in that intestinal flora that we need for proper digestion. We are depleted because we've taken a lot of antibiotics. We eat food that has antibiotics in it, and we're drinking water that has antibiotics in it, so we want to make sure that we repopulate that good flora so that we can start to digest properly, which will impact our overall health and support every single system of our body. 


The next product that I take daily is Mito2Max. I really, really depend on this energy, and stamina complex for brain power, and I also rely on it very heavily for my energy. I know that it is a product that supports the endocrine system, and your endocrine system includes your adrenals, which are very important in energy production. 


My oil of choice to put in my water every day is a citrus oil, and I use Grapefruit in all of my water, so I use of course glass, or porcelain, or high quality stainless steel receptacle, but I put a drop, or two of Grapefruit oil in every single glass of water that I drink. It's very cleansing in the morning, it can help to cleanse the toxins that accumulated in your body while you were sleeping, and it also can help to, it promotes the production of your body's own glutathione which is good for so many things including anti-aging.

DDR Prime® and the Cell Cycle

Then, last, I take the DDR Prime every single day, and I take it to make sure that I get all the oils that I need on a daily basis. This complex is made up of oils that help to repair cells, and also oils that promote apoptosis, which is program cell death in the cells, so it helps to promote that cell cycle. This is my daily routine, and consistency is key, and consistency over time is super important. I always look at the cell cycle. The cell cycle is 120 days. That's how long it takes for your cells to regenerate, and so, I always tell people if you're gonna get started with this program, or especially the Lifelong Vitality Pack, yes, there's a guarantee, change your life in 30 days, but if you only take it for 30 days, yes, you're gonna see some differences, and they are gonna be life changing differences. But, if you give it 120 days of consistent use, that's how long it takes the body to replenish those red blood cells, and that's where you're going to see some really, really big changes in your overall health. 

A2Z Chewable

Okay, on class days I need extra. On top of that foundation, I need more. I like to chew the A2Z Chewable, so these are the children's vitamin that's also for people that don't like to take capsules, and I didn't like to take capsules before, but I learned how to take capsules. Capsules, you know, you can't tilt your head back, you gotta tilt your head forward, and that opens up that passage that you can swallow a handful of capsules. Before I couldn't even take one, now I take all of my capsules, I take like a handful at a time, because I know how to take them. But, the A2Z is something that the children use, and something that some of the people that don't like capsules use, but I love to use it as an extra form of nutritional resources on the days that I really need that extra brainpower, so I'll take two of those, I'll chew those, and I will take a teaspoon of the IQ Mega. This is all in addition to my daily foundation. 

Before Presenting

I always, before class I get a little nervous, and I think it's because I get so energized, because I walk in the room, and they're all these people, and there's so much excitement, and I know I'm gonna be way more effective if I am presenting in a more kind of a, in a little bit calmer way, and if I can be understood, and not be all over the place, if I'm in a logical progression. 

What I do is I pull out the big guns of oils. I get into the room, and I'm consuming these oils conspicuously, so people that are in the room are looking like, what is she doing? What's her routine? What is she taking? So, they see that I'm using these, because I get really excited, and I get a little nervous. I'm taking the balance, I'm putting a little bit of balance under my feet, I'm smelling my hands. That's the grounding blend. Sometimes you come off of talking on your phone, texting on your phone. It just helps you to be calm. 

The Serenity is another one. I like to put that on the back of my hand, and I like to smell of it, because that also helps to calm me. The Frankincense, I like to use that on the top of my head. That helps me to just, it's a spiritual connection when you put it on the top of your head. It helps me, I believe it helps me think better, and it also adds to my calming. 

And then, finally I like Breathe. Breathe is amazing because it opens up those nasal passages. I can breathe better, I get more oxygen in, I put a drop in my hand, rub my hands together. I breathe out, and I breathe in, and then, I breathe out, and I breathe in, and I do that several times. 

Now, days that I can really tell that, okay, I really need the oil, I'm gonna take the Melissa, and I'm gonna put a drop on the back of my neck, and I am going to rub it in, and then, I'm going to smell, and I will tell you that I am ready to take on the biggest class, the most exciting class, the biggest audience, the most intimidating, scary situation in life, even if it's not a dōTERRA class, I can take on with these products.I wanna make sure that during the class I stay focused, and that I remember everything that I want to talk about, everything that I want to share. A product that I find really helps me with my focus is InTune. I put a little bit on my temples, rub it in, and then, I can focus on exactly what I need to focus on during the class. 

Working at Home

Let's talk about work at home days. These can be challenging, the days that you're working at home, and you're supposed to get something done, but you're like, not getting it done. I can be a procrastinator. If I have a deadline, that deadline can hang over my head. The most important thing that I have to do that day will hang over my head, and I won't get to it when I know that if I just did that most important thing, that one thing that's so important, everything else really wouldn't matter, and then, I'd be free for the rest of the day. But instead I tend to drag it out, procrastinate. This is a huge help, the Wintergreen. My good friend, Dr. Laurie Langfitt told me that if I take a little bit of Wintergreen, and put it over my kidneys, rub it on my back, over my kidneys, it can really help me get off that starting block, and get going, and I have to tell you that it makes a big difference. I also use the Motivate. A drop in my hand, rub together, breathe out, breathe in several times, and I am ready to go. On top of my foundation, stay at home days these are the products that I use. 


What's my magic sleep formula? Because, without sleep, if you're sleep deprived, it's just not gonna be a good day. It's not going to be a good day, and you are not doing good things for your health, and for your body, so sleep is critical.These are two products that I love to take before I go to bed. I take Serenity, two softgels 20 minutes before I go to bed are like magic. I feel like I hit the pillow, and it's like, two minutes later I'm out, and I wake up in the morning, I'm like, “Jeez, what happened?” Because, I am like so out. 

The Copaiba, I have started putting that in softgels, or just rubbing some of that behind my ears, and smelling. The Copaiba is also wonderful, and just takes the Serenity soft gels to the next level. I also like to use the Balance, because I tend to check text messages, emails before I go to bed. I know it's not a good thing to do, and you go to bed you're like this, you're like buzzing like this. You take the Balance, put some on the bottom of your feet, and it's just a couple of minutes, and you are like perfectly grounded. You are perfectly grounded, and you are relaxed enough to actually go to sleep and fall asleep.

The Serenity I still love to use it. I might put a little bit on my pillow, a little bit on the back of my hand. I sleep on the side, and that way I can be smelling it all night long. 

Then, to open up those nasal passages, and to get more oxygen in my body so that I don't have a noisy night sleep, I am going to take the Breathe. I can diffuse it, or I can put it in my hand, rub the hands together, breathe out, breathe in, and this right here will take, it has taken my sleep to the next level. You take your sleep to the next level, the next morning you find that you are jumping out of bed, and you are ready to take on the world.

Be empowered

I leave you with this thought: it's your life, it's your health. I want you to be empowered, be empowered by continuing to get more education, and by implementing some of these products in your life, and by most definitely changing your lifestyle.

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