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Sloane Stephens

Professional Tennis Player and 2017 US Open Champion

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Sloane Stephens is an American professional tennis player, Grand Slam champion, and Olympian. During her historic 2017 comeback following a devastating foot injury and grueling rehab, she rose from number 957 entering Wimbledon to become the US Open Champion in only two months.

​​​​​​​Sloane has been ranked as high as number three in the world on the WTA tour and has won six tournaments to date. She’s also a French Open finalist, WTA year-end finalist, and Australian Open semifinalist.

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  • If not me, who? If not now, when?
  • I have an amazing support team around me, but it’s just me out on the court. I make it a priority to focus on self-care and find moments to relax and unwind, with small rituals like diffusing Lavender’s calm aroma before bed or taking a warm bath. I can do so anywhere I travel, and such acts of self-care help me stay grounded.

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