Timothy "Tim" Hightower is not your average NFL athlete. After four years in the NFL, Tim was sidelined due to injury. It was an unfortunate setback but not enough to keep the running back away from the game. While the road to recovery and reclaiming his position on the field wouldn't be easy, Tim was determined. Through physical and mental strength and living a healthy lifestyle, he made it back into the NFL where he's proved to be a valuable asset on the field. Today, Tim credits the continued support from his family, chronicled faith, and commitment to living a holistic lifestyle for his continued success as a professional athlete. “Essential oils are a game-changer for me and the family,” Tim says. For optimal rest, relaxation, and support, Tim incorporates doTERRA in his daily routine, regularly using products like doTERRA On Guard®, Peppermint, Lavender, doTERRA Breathe®, and Deep Blue®. Tim’s favorite product is the Deep Blue oil, “After a long game, it helps my body and my muscles re-energize to get back and ready for the next game.”

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