How do I opt-in to loyalty order reminders and shipping updates via text?

Follow these steps in order to opt-in to Loyalty order reminders and shipping updates via text:

  1. Log in to
  2. Click your name in the top right corner
  3. Select "Account Profile" from the menu
  4. Scroll down to "My Notification Settings"
  5. Click "Manage Notification Preferences"
  6. This will bring you to a new page where you can click the box to receive a Loyalty Order reminder text a couple days before your Loyalty Order is set to process as well as an initial shipping notification when your orders ship.
  7. Click the "Save" button


Note: You must have a mobile number in order to opt-in to the text reminder. To add a moblie number follow these steps:

  1. Click on the edit pencil under "My profile" at the top of the "Account Profile" page
  2. Enter the mobile number
  3. Click the "Save" button

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