Leadership Live

Leadership Live registration is now closed. This has been quite the exciting virtual event with some unforgettable education videos that will be available through the month of June. Don't forget about the doTERRA Basics bonus content that will be available on May 13!

doTERRA Basics On-Demand Schedule
Topic Speaker Rank
The Joy in Sharing doTERRA Rachel Carter Blue Diamond
Six Weeks to Elite Diane Shepherd Presidential Diamond
Influencing Lifelong Customers Dana Moore Presidential Diamond
Turning Prospects into Builders Kristen Pardue Presidential Diamond
How to Attract New Builders Jennifer Shaw Diamond

We’re excited to announce that Leadership Retreat is coming directly to your home via Leadership Live. Leadership Live will deliver all the announcements, trainings, recognition, and powerful workshops you’ve come to expect from Leadership Retreat. To make Leadership Live even more powerful, we will be delivering the livestreams over four different sessions, once per week. But don’t worry, if you’re not able to join us live, you can watch the sessions on demand any time after they conclude!

With each Leadership Live session, you will also be able to watch a variety of workshops hosted by doTERRA leaders. These workshops will give you the additional training and support you need to put your plans into action.

Accessing Leadership Live is easy: just go to leadershiplive.doterra.com and, in the top right corner, click “Log In.” Use your email address as your login name and your doTERRA ID as your password.

Access Leadership Live

On-Demand Agenda
Date Live Sessions On-Demand Workshops
Monday, April 13
10:00 a.m. MDT                      
Featuring Rob Young, Dr. David Hill, and Dell Brown

Learn more about how the Adaptiv system
is expanding to help you adapt! Also, enjoy a special session with Dr. Hill.

Building doTERRA in 2020—Jessica Moultrie

The Three Pillars of Success—Amber & John Adams

Expanding Your Warm Market—Melody Brandon

Creating Energy That Will Move Your Team—Natalie Carson

Adaptiv: A New Opportunity—Dr. David Hill

Inspiring Leadership in Others—Mayra Powers

Friday, April 17
10:00 a.m. MDT
Navigating 2020
Featuring Emily Wright, Mark Wolfert, Greg Cook,
Andrew O'Hare and Shannon Bible

Celebrate your fellow doTERRA Leaders
and get a sneak peek into
doTERRA’s plans to make 2020 another fantastic year!

Freedom Through Failure—Jenyce Harris

Creating a Wellness Lifestyle—Lindsey Gunsauls

Reigniting Your Fire—Tiffany Moosman, Tonee Mower

Your Life by Design—Ange Peters

Rocking the Wellness Consult—Meaghan Terzis

Finding Flow and Joy in Your Business—Melissa Herman

Understanding doTERRA's Financial Plan—Justin Harrison

The Power of Residual Income—Kierston Kirschbaum

Creating Your Own Strengths Story—Eddie Villa

Monday, April 27
6:00 p.m. MDT
doTERRA for Men
Featuring Burke Rigby, Dr. Andrew Gough,
Tim Hightower, Seth Risenmay,
Rod Richardson,
Todd Hart and Boyd Truman

From a guy’s perspective: Learn how to use doTERRA
in your daily wellness routine, share with those around you, and discover the potential of building a business
with your spouse or on your own. 

All welcome to attend




Panel Discussion: Where Do I Fit In?—Steve Scott, Chris Bracken, Jorge Tenorio, Jeff Frey, Wes Hobson




Friday, May 1
10:00 a.m. MDT
doTERRA Future
Featuring David Stirling, Corey Lindley, Emily Wright and Drew Wolfert

Learn how to accelerate your business into the future
and become the next generation of doTERRA’s top leaders.

Consistency and Simplicity—David Hsiung

Mind Your Own Business: Enterprise or Side-Hustle—Robin Jones

Success with Purpose—Molly Dayton

Duplicate Growth—Marie Kim-Provencher

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