BreElle Bailey

BreElle Bailey is a former Division 1 college athlete. She played volleyball for Arizona State University, and later completed her education and athletic career at North Carolina State University earning a Master of Business Communication degree. Currently, she is the Sports Partnerships Manager at doTERRA where she leads a team directly responsible for procuring and maintaining relationships with high profile influencers, professional sports teams and athletes, as well as other notable celebrities.

BreElle’s inclusive leadership style has been recognized by doTERRA’s executive team throughout her three-year tenure with the company. As a woman of color, she has also been tasked with bringing ideas and solutions to the table to ensure that doTERRA’s standard of inclusion and diversity continue to be a priority in its mission. Outside of doTERRA, BreElle volunteers at the Utah Refugee Center, helping refugees find employment opportunities and integrate into their communities.

Tim Hightower

Timothy "Tim" Hightower is a former NFL running back. Drafted in 2008, he played for the Arizona Cardinals, Washington Redskins, and New Orleans Saints. Four years into a promising NFL career, Tim faced a serious injury that sidelined him for four seasons. What could have been a career-ending situation instead fueled Tim to fight even harder to return. Through physical and mental strength and living a healthy lifestyle, he made it back into the NFL—the only player in history to return to the field after missing four seasons due to injury.

Today, Tim credits the loving support from his family, his faith, and living a holistic lifestyle to his success as a father, husband, and businessperson. Off the field, he is the owner of Hightower Enterprises, where he develops programs on health and wellness. Tim’s hobbies include cooking, reading, and listening to classic Jay Z albums. Tim enjoys spending time with his wife Rikki and three children.

Victoria McAdams

Victoria McAdams is a healthcare advocate, hospital administration professional, and doTERRA Diamond. She has spent the last eight years working with communities to share natural healthcare options. Her personal mission is to educate and empower families across the country to improve their long-term health and wellness. Victoria’s previous work with hospital and clinical trial finances gives her a unique perspective on how to make this a reality. 

Victoria is passionate about seeking out relationships with those who look, live, and believe differently than her so that she can more effectively serve a wider community. As a multi-cultural family, Victoria and her husband take pride in teaching their two daughters how to embrace and celebrate their diversity as African American and Hispanic American citizens. This attitude of inclusion and celebration is a commitment Victoria has for not only her immediate family, but her doTERRA family as well.

Dr. Zia Nix

Dr. Zia Nix is a chiropractor, transformational leadership trainer, certified aromatherapist, Tai Chi instructor, and doTERRA Presidential Diamond from New York City. After graduating from Columbia University, she embarked on a lifetime commitment to provide a holistic path to total wellness for her clients.

Dr. Zia's practice focuses on mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical self-care. She has traveled to more than 30 countries researching integrative medicine, from essential oils to Qi Gong. In addition to leading a team of Wellness Advocates, Zia and her husband Ky are active in partnering with non-profit organizations and humanitarian efforts around the globe.

To begin, we commit to:

  • Educating our doTERRA family about personal and collective unconscious biases so that hearts may be softened, minds may be opened, and real change can take place.
  • Being intentional about diverse hiring practices.
  • Implementing an outreach program that will provide focused support to Black and minority Wellness Advocates and customers.
  • Committing significant resources to support our Wellness Advocates in their own communities.
  • Seeking new and exciting ways to be more inclusive and celebrate diversity.
  • Speaking up and out against all forms of racism.
  • Highlighting the contributions and accomplishments of our Black and minority communities.
  • Reviewing every area of our company so that we can better serve this diverse family.

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