Wellness Advocate Partner Projects

109 World

Joan Coon

Allied Media

Arin Fugate


Paola Ortega

Ananda Learning Center

Osvaldho Hosornio

Bridge To Hope

Lisa Cozzi

Color My World

Shane and Rebecca Hintze

Crower Trade School

Crystal Garvin

Edunamica Foundation

Pamela Cristina Zuniga Acedo

Eldoret Kenya

Cherie Burton

El Refugio

Pam Weir, Randy and Sandy Huebert

EMAS Canada

Allison Cochran

FOOT Foundation

Jennifer Accomando

Home for a Day

Frank Oddens and Willem-Paul Koenen

The Hope Alliance

Cindy LoPatriello and Kym Meehan

James House

Ruth Yorston

Joel 2 Mission

Paula Millsaps

Koins for Kenya

Carol Ann Guest

Lighthouse Sanctuary

Julie Hernando and Melissa Taeu

Live to Give

Sheena Souza

MamaBaby Haiti

Patricia Couch

Mercy Mandate Foundation

Steve and Kimberley Milousis

Mission Mbale

Joy Tarpley

Ninos Con Valor

Vaneesa Boller

Operation Walk

Shandy Welch

Por un Mejor Sudcalifornia

Sofia Lopez de Lara

Programa Velasco

Bonnie Berg

Selah Freedom

Heather Patenaude

Time For Teens

Laraine Gordon and Amanda Olsen

The Garden Well

Ginna and Steve Cross

THE Mission Haiti

Jonathan and Deanna Nichols

Tumaini Children

Hannah Ellis

Vital Solutions

Silvia Nutu

Vukhambe Special School

Teresa Beuthin and Dawn Behm

Worlds Collide

Li Fryling

World Village

Emili Whitney, Jenni Wilson

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