Wellness Advocate Partner Projects

109 World

Joan Coon

Acacia Shade

Daniel and Christy Benitez

Charity Anywhere

Molly and Taylor Dayton

Charity Anywhere

Mandi Felici

Color My World

Shane and Rebecca Hintze

EMAS Canada

Allison Cochran

FOOT Foundation

Jennifer Accomando

Global LifeVision

Kelly Anderson

Global LifeVision

Natalie Goddard

Helping SAVE

Doug and Rachelle Castor

Hope Church Missions

Kamille and Jason Breuer

Joy's G.I.F.T.

Sandra Pascal


Adabelle Carson


Stephanie Crane

Koins for Kenya

Carol Ann Guest

Leo's Pride Foundation

Jessica Moultrie

MamaBaby Haiti

Jessica and Clay Iddings


Jamie and Teddy Dellesky

Mentors International Fundraiser

Andy and Natalie Goddard

Mercy Mandate Foundation

Steve and Kimberley Milousis

Nurturing Nations

David and Tammy Miller

One Heart Bulgaria

Deborah Gardner

School the World

Tonya McBride

Selah Freedom

Heather Patenaude

Sheltering Wings

Peggy Smith

The Garden Well

Ginna and Steve Cross

THE Mission Haiti

Jonathan and Deanna Nichols

World Village

Emili Whitney, Jenni Wilson

Youth Service International

Fred and Carrie Donegan

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