Rapha House

At the 2017 doTERRA Global Convention, doTERRA announced a new corporate partnership with Rapha House, an organization that works to help children rehabilitate after they are rescued from sex-trafficking. This partnership is one of many that will help the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation® expand their reach when it comes to helping children affected by sex-trafficking throughout the world. 

Since 2003, Rapha House has worked to end the sexual exploitation of children by spreading awareness about the seriousness of this problem, devoting time to prevention measures, and by focusing on rehabilitating children who have been involved in trafficking. As a non-profit organization, Rapha House has launched several projects that are dedicated to ending the problem of sex-trafficking, and helping children who have endured this type of nightmare. In addition to educating children and families in areas where kids are vulnerable to sexual exploitation, Rapha House focuses heavily on helping children rescued from trafficking to eventually be reintegrated into society and reunited with their families. 

In order to help children who have been victims of sexual exploitation, Rapha House has several programs and projects that focus on healing, making children feel safe and valued, and teaching children helpful skills. Along with these programs, Rapha House provides children with safe houses where they can live after being rescued from trafficking, to help them heal and rehabilitate in a secure, loving environment. 

This new corporate partnership with Rapha House will allow the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation to be a part of building new aftercare facilities for the organization. These facilities will be an important part of the Rapha House mission, as they continue to provide victims with a place to recover after their rescue from sex-trafficking.


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