Donation to World Village supports community in Bolivia

Sisters and dōTERRA leaders Emili Whitney and Jenni Wilson work with non-profit organization World Village and the dōTERRA Healing Hands Foundation™ to support community in Montero, Bolivia

The main humanitarian project World Village had planned for this trip was to construct a new classroom at one of the Bolivian schools. Additionally, Whitney and Wilson decided they wanted Days for Girls to be involved in their efforts if possible. Whitney explains, “After participating with [Days for Girls] in January, both Jenni and I felt that we needed to incorporate that into the summer Bolivia trip. We are both so passionate about it and wanted to start bringing kits down to educate the women in Bolivia. It went so well with what the World Village organization was already doing each year.” 

Wilson set the ambitious goal of preparing 1,000 Days for Girls kits to take with them with only five months until their departure to Bolivia. But her energy and passion were enough to encourage Whitney that it could be done, and they both began organizing their communities right away to begin sewing and assembling kits. 

“We were amazed at the help and support we received through our events,” says Whitney. “People from our neighborhoods, churches, and those we knew through doTERRA showed up to help us cut, sew, arrange, and compile Days for Girls kits.” The sisters established assembly lines that allowed the members of their communities to come and participate as they had time throughout the day. Whitney and Wilson also allowed members of the community to take fabric and patterns home to sew on their own time, and accepted donations of soaps, thread, Ziploc bags, fabric, washcloths, and underwear. “I was so impressed and overwhelmed with those who were willing to share of their time, talents, and resources to help our cause,” Whitney expressed.

Five months later, as Whitney and Wilson were packing up their kits, they realized that they had exceeded their enthusiastic goal by 50 kits. “[Jenni] set an ambitious goal of hitting 1,000 kits and worked so hard to make it happen,” says Whitney, “I pitched in and helped the best I could, but the huge amount of kits was totally due to her efforts!” Finally, with all 1,050 kits packed, they were ready to leave for Bolivia.


The trip to Bolivia was eventful, but they got to work as soon as they could. One of the first stops in Bolivia was at the Health Center to meet the in-country partners of World Village, in addition to getting right to work with a group of 15 in-country Red Cross nurses. Members of their expedition also began preparing the school for the new classroom and worked on additional humanitarian work that the community needed.

To prepare the ground for the new classroom, rocks and bricks were removed from the area, dirt was brought in so they could lay a flat concrete floor, and beams and roofing were painted in preparation for the room. World Village also donated baby bulb syringes and a new baby scale that does not run on electricity to the labor and delivery room in the Health Clinic. In their down time, expeditioners from Whitney and Wilson’s party painted the Bolivian girls’ nails with nail polish that they brought with them. 

“I am so grateful for the World Village organization,” says Whitney. “They have made valuable contacts and made a huge difference in the lives of the people of Montero, Bolivia. I feel blessed that we could join their group and work with them to educate more people and change their lives and future for the better.” 

And even considering all the wonderful work that they provided to the community in Montero, the highlight of the trip for Whitney and Wilson was still the Days for Girls trainings and kit distribution. And that was not all Whitney found herself grateful for after her experience traveling to Bolivia. 

In addition to World Village providing her the opportunity to dedicate at least part of her time, talents, and efforts to making a difference in the lives of others, Whitney was grateful for the support of the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation. “Thank you so much for your donation. It was incredibly helpful. [Jenni and I] are so grateful to be a part of doTERRA. It has blessed our lives incredibly and the lives of so many others because we had the chance to serve in Bolivia. Thank you!”

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