The Met Church Uganda Project

doTERRA matched donations raised by Wellness Advocate Kristin Horan and Diamond Sponsor Megan Knorpp to improve the lives of children in Kampala, Uganda.


Introduced to doTERRA by her co-worker in 2016, Kristin Horan has a passion for essential oils that extends far beyond personal use. Her church, The Met Church, had been sending mission teams to Uganda for years to work alongside God Cares Schools and Orphanage. This year, she was given the opportunity to join the other members of the church on the mission trip. The school and orphanage, which were started to provide relief and comfort to children who are victims of Africa's AIDS pandemic, regularly have class sizes of more than 60 children. The mission's goal was to assist the teachers, take class photos, lead devotions, host a women's conference, and assist in fundraising for the school's farm to help improve the children's diet, which usually consists of porridge and beans.

Many doTERRA products were donated to the school, including On Guard products and Family Essentials Kits. One of Kristin's favorite experiences was visiting a child who was in the hospital with Malaria. Because the young girl was suffering from a persistent fever and was clearly in discomfort, Kristin asked to visit and comfort her. When she was given permission to visit her, she applied a few drops of peppermint oil to her forehead. A few days later, Kristin ran into the nurse in charge of the child and asked if her health had improved at all. The nurse's face lit up and she said that the child was feeling much better now and was very grateful for the soothing feeling the peppermint oil provided during her fever.

Kristin is very grateful for doTERRA's Healing Hands Foundation® and hopes to return to the God Cares School. Upon receiveing confirmation of the partnership between her and the foundation, she re-read the letter over and over because she "could hardly believe that [she] had the support of doTERRA". She looks forward to seeing and hearing about the benefits that the essential oils have brought to the lives of those who received them. She says, "I cannot begin to thank doTERRA and the Healing Hands Foundation for their unending support, encouragement, and for making my dreams a reality. Together we can change the world!"

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