Matching Campaign Supports Orphanage, School, Healthcare Clinic, and Women’s Crisis Center in Burkina Faso, Africa.

dōTERRA Wellness Advocate Amy Still-Pepper traveled to Africa with the nonprofit organization Sheltering Wings to deliver supplies and provide education. 

Sheltering Wings is a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving the people of Africa, Brazil, Kenya, and the Middle East by creating various healthcare, education, and sanitation projects. 

As Burkina Faso, Africa is one of the poorest countries in the world, doTERRA Wellness Advocate Amy Still-Pepper and project sponsor Peggy Smith recognized that they could make a significant difference in this area of the world, and subsequently became involved with Sheltering Wings. 
“There is great need in Burkina Faso,” says Amy. High blood pressure, malnutrition, respiratory and eye conditions from cooking on open fires in confined spaces, and malaria and other infectious diseases are just a few of the ailments that are common in this area of Africa.
As Amy’s daughter was planning to travel to Burkina Faso on a 10-month service trip, Amy reached out to the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation™ to inquire after the possibility of participating with the foundation on a matching campaign. This campaign was approved to aid her daughter in her philanthropic work, and allowed Amy to participate in these efforts during her own visit to Burkina Faso. 
The matching donation from this project benefited an orphanage, medical clinic, school, women’s crisis center, and sponsorship program for widows and children in Burkina Faso. 
Education was provided to the Burkinabe women that care for the orphanage’s young children, including proper sanitation procedures and basic first aid practices. Additional supplies and education were also contributed to the nurses for use in the local healthcare clinic. 
While in Burkina Faso, Amy performed the AromaTouch® Hand Technique on women at the crisis center, which was very well received. She trained the center’s Burkinabe director on the technique as well, and left some of the oils used for AromaTouch for her to continue performing the technique at the crisis center after the volunteers were gone. 

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