Por un Mejor Sudcalifornia

Sofia Lopez de Lara and her organization, Por un Mejor Sudcalifornia, worked to raise money to make homes handicap-accessible in Mexico.


There are many things that we do in life that we take for granted, such as being able to shower, having a reasonable expectation of privacy, and moving freely around your house. Sofia Lopez de Lara, through her many experiences in humanitarian and welfare work, came to the sad realization that there are many disabled people who, unfortunately, are not able to enjoy these aspects of everyday life.

For her, this was enough to embark on a mission to empower these people and improve their lives. In tandem with her husband, she worked to establish a non-profit called "Por un Mejor Sudcalifornia" (For a Better Southern California), whose objective was to provide disabled people with wheelchair-accessible elements in their home, such as specially-designed showers to facilitate entry and exit for both the individual and his or her caretaker. 

For this project, Sofia and her husband worked on a project for two patients who were diagnosed with cerebral palsy. A wheelchair-accessible shower was installed, as well as other elements throughout the home to make it a better place for them to live. Of the experience, Sofia said, "... the communication and interaction was quite limited, but we have noticed more smiles... these minor adaptations have allowed these families to interact in better conditions."

Sofia is grateful for the interpersonal relationships that she is able to make through her cause. She has focused on not only providing aid to the patients, but providing relief and emotional support to the caretakers, usually the mothers. doTERRA has been a perfect fit for Sofia, who praises the company for being purpose-driven and humane. 

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