Ninos Con Valor

dōTERRA Wellness Advoate Vaneesa Boller and Presidential Diamond sponsors Brad and Dawna Toews traveled to Cochabamba, Bolivia to support the Ninos Con Valor orphanage.


Vaneesa Boller was traveling in Bolivia a year ago and saw many orphanages that were over-crowded run down, and understaffed. Stunned by the statics that surrounded the number of children orphaned, abandoned, and removed by high-risk situations, she came across Ninos Con Valor orphanage. Ninos con Valor (Children of Value) is an orphanage that focus on children who suffer from HIV, abuse, and other special needs and takes care of their need, not only physically, but emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. 

Boller felt that the message of Ninos con Valor matched so closely to the message of doTERRA that she had to start a fundraiser to support this organization. She said this of her experience fund raising. “I decided to apply for a match donation to meet some of the immediate needs of the orphanage and doTERRA approved the request. A few months later we had completed a fundraising project where we had raised $10,000 and doTERRA Healing Hands foundation® matched that dollar for dollar.” 

With the funds raised new mattresses, supplies for the therapists, computers, a water filtration system, and storage bins were purchased for each of the Ninos con Valor homes. The storage bins given to each child allows them to organize their person belongings. The four Wellness Advocates and their children who visited the orphanage in Bolivia, also filled a suitcase with oils, which are given to all the children and staff. The staff keep records and charts of which oils are helping children and administer them on a regular basis. 

Brad said this of his experience “I am so grateful for doTERRA's commitment to serve, create sustainable practices for farmers and distillers, and partner with communities that advocate for hope and renewal. Having seen first-hand the connection between Ninos Con Valor and doTERRA has validated for me that what I am part of is indeed working. True and long lasting health is, and must always be, holistic in nature. We attend to the “wholeness” of a human, and not merely addressing its symptoms. doTERRA's gifts are such a beautiful addition to an already beautiful family model that Nino’s Con Valor has created.”

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