Transition home in Zimbabwe benefits from dōTERRA Healing Hands Foundation™ donation

Wellness Advocates Steve and Kimberley Milousis and Darrin and Daphne Clark are providing equal opportunities to Zimbabwe orphans

Wellness Advocate Darrin Clark was born in Zimbabwe, Africa. One of the poorest countries in the world, Zimbabwe locals often suffer from lack of basic needs like clean water. Because families often do not have the resources to care for their children, orphanages and adoption homes are common. 

The Clarks began their work in Zimbabwe in 2009 with the establishment of the non-profit organization Mercy Mandate Foundation. The foundation began building water facilities to bring clean water to the communities and has been involved in various humanitarian projects in the community since then. 

Eventually, Darrin and his wife, Daphne, decided that they wanted to do something about the quality of life for the orphans in Zimbabwe living in poverty. With the help of doTERRA leaders Steve and Kimberley Milousis, a transition home has been built in Zimbabwe to bring hope to these orphans for a better life beyond the care institution. This is done by teaching skills and competencies that they can use in everyday life.

Currently, 10 acres in Zimbabwe are being established for this transition home with an eye toward being a self-sufficient model, teaching the children there valuable skills. Fresh produce and egg production are already established at the orphanage and are doing well. 

The donation by the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation helped fund the completion of the transition home to give its 36 children a place to live, as well as helped to install a fish farm at the facility. The fish farm will complete the production cycle on the property, making the adoption home entirely self-reliant: recycled fish water waters the produce, which will provide for the orphanage along with fish and eggs, and surplus will be sold at the local market as a source of income for the facility, including the purchasing of chicken and fish feed. 

Graduation from the transition home also ensures that children leave with the skills to create similar self-sustaining environments on their own, so they can provide for themselves. Mercy Mandate Foundation is working to reduce poverty for these Zimbabwe communities.

To learn more about the Mercy Mandate Foundation, click here


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