Life for Mozambique

Wellness Advocate Tony Grevase and Diamond Megan Hunter teamed up with doTERRA to provide essential oil products and medical supplies to people in Mozambique.


When Tony Grevase's church started Life for Mozambique in 2008, it sparked in him the desire to visit the country and give aid. He was able to do so in 2014, and was instantly captivated by the people and the good he witnessed there. Since then, he has been passionate about the work being done in Mozambique and realizes that there is still a great need in the country for people willing to make a positive impact. 

Tony is proud of the work that doTERRA does around the world and wanted to bring that positive influence to the people of Mozambique. With help from his sponsor, Megan Hunter, he was able to raise femine hygiene products, which doTERRA matched. When asked why he chose this specific product, he explained that there is a crucial need for access to this kind of product in third-world countries such as Mozambique; women and teenage girls often have to miss school and work because of this shortage. Tony also chose several other oils, such as On Guard®, Breath®, Peppermint, Lemon, Lavender, and DigestZen®.

Tony is grateful for the experience he had on his mission to Mozambique and says that the potential for lasting impact is incredible. "I saw so many who were sick or suffering from skin and head ailments. I am positive that doTERRA's oils are going to provide a positive and lasting effect." Part of the trip consisted in training local Mozambicans to use the oils properly. He left the oils and kits in the hands of two very capable American leaders who live in Mozambique, and spent time training and educating them on the proper use of the oils. In the future, the leaders are going to facilitate a health-education day in which they will explain, teach, and distribute the oils and hygiene kits.

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