Matching Campaign Helps Joel 2 Mission

doTERRA participates in fundraising campaign to raise money for victims of domestic violence and sex trafficking.


After overcoming some significant and serious challenges in her life, doTERRA Wellness Advocate Paula Millsaps decided to take her newfound strength and love for others and put it into something helpful and constructive. In addition to her work as a doTERRA Wellness Advocate, Paula has founded her own charitable organization called Joel 2 Missions, an organization that focuses on helping women and children who are struggling in underprivileged communities. Joel 2 Missions has many programs and objectives, including providing food, clothing, housing, counseling, and other services to those in whose lives have been affected by abuse, addiction, sickness, and more. 

One major focus of the Joel 2 Missions organization is to help women and children who have been victims of domestic abuse or sex trafficking. Most recently, Paula and others at Joel 2 Mission have been working to procure a building where they can take in those who need a safe environment after emerging from dangerous or abusive situations. doTERRA participated in fundraising efforts by providing a matching donation that was used to purchase acreage and a building in Pennsylvania to be used as a healing center for victims. 

When the center is ready and fully functioning, it will house women and children who have endured tragic situations related to violence and trafficking. The Joel 2 Missions center will be a place where victims can feel safe, be given medical care, food, and shelter, and receive counseling, job skill training, and more services that they desperately need. 

The coordination of this project was made possible by doTERRA Wellness Advocate Paula Millsaps and Diamond Sponsors Jen Kruba-Frey and Jeff Frey.

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