James House Intervention Prevention Services

doTERRA Wellness Advocate Ruth Yorston, worked with Diamond sponsor Melissa King to bring Emotional Aromatherapy kits to victims of abuse in Virginia. 


Ruth Yorston is a wellness advocate who has always wanted to find a way to help those in need around her. She found the James House while she was searching from some way to give back. The James House is currently the only accredited nonprofit organization helping individuals effected by sexual violence, domestic violence, and stalking in the Greater Tri-Cities area in Virginia. Ruth has always felt that she help these victims and has been volunteering at James House for quite some time. She had this to say about the organization.

 “I'm passionate about the work they do because I know how fortunate I am. I live in a safe home with a husband who loves me and protects me and who treats me with the respect and kindness that everyone deserves, but I know it is not that way for many. At the James House, women, children, and men who are suffering receive the help and support they need to reclaim their lives and build a better tomorrow for themselves and their families.”

As time went on and Ruth spent more time volunteering she realized she had something that could help. Soon she asked the staff if they would interested in developing an emotional aromatherapy program to assist the clients. The staff was completely on board. Ruth then turned to the Healing Hands Foudation® for help. 

In a product match campaign over $2000 worth of Emotional Aromatherapy Touch Kits were donated to James House. After the staff were trained in using the oils they immediately went to work implementing them with their clients. Over all Ruth was very proud of her project and the great work she has started with oils “That the HHF backed this program with a $2,000 matching product grant did more than help the James House, though. It was a shot of encouragement to me. I feel like you're not just investing in the James House, but you're investing in me, too, which motivates me all the more to get out there and make this program as succussful as possible. Thank you for believeing in the James House, and thank you for believing in me.”


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