Hope Alliance

dōTERRA Healing Hands Foundation® worked with Wellness Advocates Cindy LoPatriello and Kym Meehan and Blue Diamond sponsor Marty Harger to refurbish a school and purchase sewing machines in Haiti.


Wellness Advocates Cindy Lopatriello and Kym Meehan worked together to create The Hope Alliance. An organization focused on bringing meals, school, and life lessons to children in Haiti. Their project includes a walking school. The school is designed to meet children where they are, provide them with a meal, and teach basic survival skills. Each week mentors meet with children on the streets and spend time with them. The donation from the Healing Hands Foundation and the Wellness Advocates to the program was able to buy a new stove to cook more meals, and sponsor 46 students education. 

The Hope Alliance was also able to donate a great deal of money to schools in Port Au Prince and Fond-Naboth, Haiti. They were able to build two new school with benches and walls for the students. Each new school also included blackboards, which greatly help teachers. Both of the schools, under the direction of Madame Finess, are located in the poorest regions of the cities. When the school was built, the tuition was whatever the parents could afford. Now a fee is required for each student. Enrollment is now up to 127 students 42 of which are on full scholarship from the Healing Hands Foundation and The Hope Alliance. 

As part of the school at the Fond-Naboth location The Hope Alliance built a community water tower, vegetable garden, and opened a sewing academy. The Healing Hands Foundation purchased three more sewing machines for the school. Together with The Hope Alliance, provide tuition for 38 students. Cindy and Kym plan to return in July and teach the staff to use essential oils.

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