El Doret Kenya


In April 2017 Cherie Burton’s team decided they would set a goal to raise funds to empowered Kenyan Women. The team decided to participate in a Healing Hands Foundation fund matching campaign raising a total of $7,370 to be donated to Women’s Empowerment Project in El Doret and Maasai Mara villages in Kenya. The team decided they would pay their own way to travel to Kenya to deliver items bought with the funds. Cherie’s team included Wellness Advocates Savannah Burton, Jin and Bobby Cater, April Geigley, LeAnne Kidd Hill, and Sheila Kidd. 

In their first stop in El Doret Cherie presented an array of oils to over 50 women. They women were particularly interested in the Balance and Wild Orange and were excited to learn about the uses and benefits of all the oils. The team purchased fruits and vegetables in bulk to donate to different women in the community. The team build three kiosks for women to resale the fruit and vegetable to members of the community in an effort to create a reoccurring income. The team also donated clothing to street vendors to give those more to sell. 

Next, the team traveled to an orphanage to implement a gardening project to ensure the children will have food and a product to sell to earn money for more items they need. They also helped build a chicken coop and donated a number of chickens and a cow as another way for the children to make money.

The team helped dip a well and haul rocks to create a way for the community of El Doret to have clean water, and donated a cow and four sheep to the entire community. 

Lastly, the group traveled to Maasai to the Umoja Secondary School where they donated 400 Days for Girls. The girls that received the kits were the most excited. They also had the chance to donate more oils and teach the AromaTouch hand Techinque as another way to show service. 

Cherie said this of her experience “Overall, our group had an absolutely INCREDIBLE experience in Kenya. The weather and conditions were harsh, the food was often intolerable, we had bouts of sickness and waves of intense emotion.  We cried, laughed, sang, danced, served and connected. We got dirty, we were scorched, and honestly - were relentlessly tired.  There really aren’t words to describe the impact on us as individuals. Upon returning home, we each experienced a wide range of emotions and continue to. I am feeling so deeply grateful, and infinitely blessed, to be associated with doTERRA, with Healing Hands, and to have had the opportunity to walk this precious part of the earth to make a difference for women and families.” 

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