Edunamica Foundation

Pamela Cristina Zuniga Acedo worked with sixteen mothers suffering from complicated emotional situations to help improve their well-being and empower them to move forward in life.


Pamela Cristina Zuniga Acedo had worked with the Edunamica Foundation for several years helping to improve the quality of life of young students and their families in Costa Rica. Through this experience, she met many people who were suffering emotionally and, thus, physically, with little or no recourse or knowledge of how to overcome their issues. She saw this as an opportunity to do good, and set out to change lives.

For her project, Pamela found sixteen mothers who were in need of emotional support. The intention of the project was to create a support group for these mothers and give them the tools for improving physically and psychologically. Thanks to a collaboration with Iside Sarmiento, many doTERRA Essential Oils were donated and given out, as well as complementary training for proper use. Other trainings were given, with an emphasis on participants taking control of their own life with the resources at hand while looking for strengths and opportunities to improve. Pamela strove to help them realize that "sadness is a normal psychological state in difficult circumstances", and that "we should not be multi-tasking super-women, but human beings with goals and dreams." Empowering lessons, such as these, were the heart and soul of Pamela's project.

Pamela is grateful for doTERRA's Costa Rica partners for their "unconditional work for a better humanity". She says that she feels the oils have had a positive effect on the participants' state of mind and vitality, and feels she has helped to improve the general well-being of the women.

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