Crower Trade School

doTERRA collaborated with Diamond Crystal Garvin to support Crower Trade School in Tanzania, which empowers it's students by teaching them valuable trade skills such as masonry, sewing, carpentry, and welding.


Over 28 years ago, Crystal Garvin met Eliudi Issangya, founder of the International Evangelism Center in Tanzania. Drawn by his commitment and passion for helping others build a better future, Crystal and her family began to support is mission. In 1998, Eliudi opened Crower Trade School, whose purpose was to give the youth of Tanzania the opportunity to learn a viable trade. One of the main reasons for the establishment of the school was that, in Tanzania, the government only provides education to children until they reach the age of 13; after that, it is up to the family to provide for the child's private education, which many cannot afford to do. Because of this, many children grow up without the knowledge or skills necessary to enter the workforce and provide for their family. 

Crystal and her team planned a project to contribute to the trade school and, soon after, rallied to raise funds. doTERRA matched the funds raised, and the project became a reality. One of the first ideas brought to the table when the collaboration started was that of a cooking school. This appealed to both parties because, at the time, the only culturally-appropriate trade offered to girls was sewing, while the boys were offered many more options (welding, construction, carpentry, etc.). Eliudi had always wanted the school to serve both boys and girls equally, and so the idea was approved unanimously. In addition to a cooking school, a plan was proposed to add a multipurpose dormitory/dining hall to the school. If the students didn't live or board in the nearby area, many of the children's only option to get to the school was to walk several miles. This proposal resonated with the group, and the plan was approved.

Crower Trade School has helped more than 1,000 young people learn a viable trade, support their families, and go on to build successful businesses and careers. The school will continue to empower it's students with the tools necessary to succeed in the world and become able providers. Crystal is grateful that doTERRA helped make her dream a reality, and is proud to be part of a company that "truly cares and goes the extra mile to prove it."

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