Donation Supports Self-Defense Classes and Sustainable Microbusinesses in Honduras

dōTERRA Wellness Advocate Kristen Yousef used a matching campaign from the dōTERRA Healing Hands Foundation™ to benefit a community in Honduras.

In late 2016, doTERRA Wellness Advocate Kristen Yousef and upline Melody Watts reached out to the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation to request a match to support a project with the nonprofit organization Christian Life Church.

A TaeKwonDo black belt, Yousef traveled to Honduras with Christian Life Church in early 2017 to teach self-defense classes to 100 women at a local pastor’s request. While in Honduras, Yousef also taught and helped locals create sustainable living projects, began a soccer camp for children, installed solar panels to generate electricity, clothed the poor, offered essential oil classes, and participated in several construction projects to improve farming and sustainability projects already in the area. 
These construction projects included building a bridge across a stream to enable access to mountainous farmland and remote homes, and to upgrade a remote home used by the caretaker overseeing some of these isolated mountainside microbusinesses. Donation money also funded materials to build a protective fence around the microbusinesses supporting the community including chicken coops, fish farms, and farmland. 

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