Donation Supports Program for Homeless, Pregnant Women

A Zen room has been added to the facility at the Center for Great Expectations to support vulnerable women in New Jersey.

The Center for Great Expectations (CGE) is the only nonprofit organization in New Jersey that provides a combination of individualized treatment and services to homeless, pregnant, or parenting adults and adolescents and their children. CGE provides a safe place for these vulnerable women to overcome destructive generational cycles of trauma, abuse, homelessness, and addiction.

While presenting at a Yoga Studio in New Jersey, doTERRA Wellness Advocate Susan Niedt was approached by one of CGE’s Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSW) about doing a workshop for the CGE staff. Susan readily accepted the invitation.

The day of the workshop, the CGE staff gave Susan a tour of the facility. She was inspired to support the organization after meeting the women in the center, and observing the children of these vulnerable teens and women being lovingly cared for while their mothers worked and studied. Encouraged to support the organization, Susan began exploring the options available to her to offer that support.

She recalled her experience at the 2016 doTERRA convention, where the Elevate award was given to doTERRA leader Betsy Holmes because of her significant contribution to humanitarian work in China. Susan began reviewing the stipulations for a Wellness Advocate partner project with the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation™ with the intent to apply. She enlisted the sponsorship of doTERRA leader Dr. Josie Schmidt, and submitted her partner project application, which was subsequently approved for a matching campaign. 

The donations from this project ultimately allowed Susan and CGE to build and furnish a Zen room for the women in the center. 

“The experience was one that I hope many more can find their way to,” says Susan of her experience working with the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation to support this project with CGE. She looks forward to promoting the Wellness Advocate partner project to other members so they can each have similar uplifting experiences. 



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