Breath of Life Haiti

Janelle Smith, with the support of Terry and Lil Shepherd, used robotics to bring fresh water and food to the people of Haiti.


Janelle Smith's home school co-op robotics team, "The Wookiees", were tasked with creating an engineering design to produce fresh water from unclean water for the people of Haiti. In order to do this, they created a raised bed garden attached to an evaporator to purify the garden filtered water. This design is anticipated to be implemented with Breath of Life, Haiti, which is a nongovernmental organization in Desarmes, Haiti, that provides relief to those in need.

A total of three families were involved in this project, and their experiences were as follows:

The Kemper Family: Team Kemper was successful in growing their vegetables and collecting excess water, but their project had another aspect to it. They focused on using recycled materials to build their water-purificationm mechanism, and were able to do so successfully. 

The Yoder Family: Team Yoder focused on using different materials to create raised gardens.. They focused on building traditional raised gardens, barrel gardens, and baby pool gardens.

The Schlabach Family: Team Schlabach Used the basic Wookiees design to filter water, which includes a slightly inclined garden that will filter the water, then direct it to a drain for collection. Water collected through the gardens will then be placed into an evaporator for a final purification.

Janelle and her team have plans to go to Desarmes, Haiti, to implement two of their garden systems in September of 2019. These gardens will be implemented in a school supported by Breath of Life, and will provide fresh water and food for it's students.


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