Ananda Learning Center Wellness Advocate Partner Project

In the mountains of Oaxaca, Mexico lies a village called San Sebastian Rio Hondo, where community members work to make a better life for their children and future generations. Since 2015, San Sebastian Rio Hondo has been home to the Ananda Learning Center, a facility designed to provide comprehensive and holistic education for children between ages three and 12. 

For several years, doTERRA Diamond Osvaldho Hosornio has been a part of the San Sebastian Rio Hondo community, and his own daughter is now a part of the education project at the Ananda Learning Center. The learning center focuses on implementing a unique education model that will support the intellectual, emotional, and creative development of the children. While the Ananda Learning Center has been a helpful part of the community for children and their families, they still require equipment, facilities, and resources to create an environment that will allow them to properly teach the children of San Sebastian Rio Hondo. 

With the help of Osvaldho, the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation® donated funds to help construct a housing site for the teachers of the learning center, as well as an on-site bathroom. Extra funds were also used to provide the teachers with equipment and materials required for the education program. 

Of the project, Osvaldho says, “Being able to bring the news about this project to the community was very exciting. Everyone was very happy and grateful. The teachers of the school will finally have a more dignified space and were able to buy the materials and equipment that they needed.”

Parents, teachers, and the children of the community are grateful to the Healing Hands Foundation for providing resources to help them make improvements to the learning center. Osvaldho shares, “Many thanks to doTERRA and Healing Hands for having believed in the Ananda Learning Center and to all of those who participated in this wonderful project. Together we can change the world—and we are doing it!”


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