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In October 2017, Hurricane Maria devastated the Island of Puerto Rico. Losing homes and loved ones triggered an outbreak of heartbreak, insomnia, and anxiety. Many communities lost a sense of home and belonging. The Allied Media team lead by Wellness Advocate Alicia Hashem and Blue Diamond sponsor Arin Fugate sought to bring relief to the people of Puerto Rico by providing them with essential oils. Many people were very receptive to the oils and excited to try natural healing solutions. 

“After the storm, we moved into our pilot space, designed to be a sustainable living experiment where we can make medicine as a community, grow food and practice reciprocal living.   We happily received the oils, supplies and educational materials, which we plan to use in our healing circles and workshops.  Our “Botiquín: Healing Arts Lab” will feature many uses of the oils, including, but not limited to community creation of salves, cleaning products, tinctures and aromatherapy inhalers.  Modern essentials will help us learn and spread all kinds of knowledge about emergency preparedness and ecological ways of living in these times.” –Alicia Hashem

The Healing Hands Foundation and Wellness advocates participated in a product matching campaign to donate an abundance of oils to Puerto Rico.

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