dōTERRA Product Introduced to Orphanage in Mexico

Nisha Riggs and Kevin Clegg are passionate about the work that A Child’s Hope Foundation is doing in orphanages around the world. A product donation supports their efforts. 

A Child’s Hope Foundation is a humanitarian relief organization that partners with adoption agencies around the world to assist in the care and placement of orphaned and abandoned children in developing countries. 

doTERRA leader Nisha Riggs was first exposed to A Child’s Hope Foundation when a friend of hers and fellow Wellness Advocate, Kevin Clegg, approached her about an experience that he had while visiting an orphanage during a humanitarian trip to Mexico. Kevin was able to provide some of the oils that he had brought for himself to some of the children in the orphanage, and found that the oils were very well received.

Upon returning to the states, he approached Nisha about potentially providing doTERRA products to some of the orphanages with which A Child’s Hope Foundation is affiliated. Nisha began providing essential oils to Kevin to deliver during his expeditions to Mexico, and eventually Kevin and Nisha reached out to the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation™ for support on this project. 

After a successful product fundraising campaign, Kevin was able to deliver product to the Buena Vida Orphanage located in Baja, Mexico, during a few expeditions there in late 2016 and early 2017.  Nisha also provided educational materials about the products in Spanish for Kevin to deliver. 

This project served as a pilot to test the efficacy of introducing essential oils into the orphanage, and Kevin found it to be a great success. The director of the orphanage has been supportive of the incorporation of essential oils, and is excited about what this opportunity means for the future of the orphanage and the children. Eventually, Kevin hopes to incorporate this same program into the other orphanages partnered with A Child’s Hope Foundation all across the world.

Of the support provided by the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation on this project, Kevin says, “On behalf of A Child’s Hope Foundation and the Buena Vida Orphanage, thank you so much for your combined generosity in providing the children of Buena Vida the diffusers and essential oils. I know it will help them in so many ways to live more healthy lives.”


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