Home for a Day Wellness Advocate Humanitarian Project

doTERRA Wellness Advoates Frank Oddens and Willem-Paul Koenen worked with the Home for a Day foundation to provide meals and shelter for refugees in Greece.

When doTERRA wellness Advocates Frank Oddens and Willem-Paul Koenen first heard about the Home for a Day foundation in Lesvos, Greece they knew they had to be involved. Nikos and Katerina knew from the times when the first boat of refugees arrived on the small island that they wanted to help. The two owned a small restaurant on the coast and began providing meals for the cold, wet, and tried refugees that arrived at their door.  

Nikos and Katerina loved having the refugees in their restaurant. They thrived off the feeling of these stranded people feel at home for a moment. The refugees found a moment to make new friends, have fun, and relax and from their Nikos and Katerina’s restaurant grew into a place for people to stay for a night or two before continuing their journey. Now having the space to host up to 50 people a night, and a donation center where refugees can find any clothing they may need is when Frank and Willem decided they wanted to be involved.

The two raised over $2000 themselves and the Healing Hands Foundation® donated a total of $8000 to the Home for A Day Foundation in September 2017. The funds were used to feed and house over 1000 guests over the course of four months. Of his experience Frank said “It doesn’t get any better than this. Never did I experience so much intense kindness, heart ripping sadness, ignorance, frustration, cultural diversity, cooperation as one team, and refection – combined in one week.” 


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