Reach the Children: Stay Alive

The dōTERRA Healing Hands Foundation™ donates to help over 30,000 Students in Liberia

The Reach the Children: Stay Alive HIV and AIDS Prevention Education Program seeks to help children and families infected with HIV and AIDS to become self-reliant and informed about preventing disease.


doTERRA Wellness Advocate Tricia Hoffman has long had an affinity for bringing humanitarian aid to those in need. After participating in several humanitarian projects in third world countries, Tricia found another project to pour her heart into, and began helping with the Stay Alive program in Liberia. As an HIV/AIDS prevention program, Stay Alive strives to provide education and empowerment to children and families around the world infected with HIV and AIDS. An additional organization called Reach the Children works to implement the Stay Alive program around the world—including the Stay Alive program in Liberia that Tricia has worked so closely with.

Working together, Reach the Children and Stay Alive bring training materials, equipment, and education to children and families dealing with AIDS and infected with HIV. In Liberia, many of the social and cultural norms can lead to disease and infection—especially among young children. The Stay Alive program works hard to prevent future cases of HIV and AIDS, by teaching children about safe sexual behaviors, and providing other empowering information that will contribute to a healthy society.

Tricia says, "Here in this country, we often take for granted the fact that we have choices. That we have options. Thus, it is hard for us to imagine the total despair of those who have been taught that they have no choices. I love to see how the Stay Alive program fundamentally affects the human spirit, once people understand that they have a choice."

Though effective, the Stay Alive program relies completely on outside donations to continually bring education and empowerment to those infected with HIV and AIDS. After hearing about the goal of Tricia and others at Stay Alive to work with the Liberian government to reach 20,000 students with education and training about the HIV infection and AIDS, the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation wanted to get involved.

With a donation from the Healing Hands Foundation, the Stay Alive program exceeded their goal—bringing the program to over 30,000 children, and over 7,000 teachers, parents, and community leaders. Like Tricia, many generous volunteers believe that everyone deserves a choice, and that education is one of the best ways to empower people to make correct choices. As the Stay Alive program continues to work with the Liberian government, volunteers, and donors, children and families around the world will begin to feel the empowerment of prevention, education, and liberation. To learn about Stay Alive and Reach the Children, visit their website.

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