Musana International

dōTERRA Healing Hands Foundation Donates to Musana International

Musana International is decreasing poverty and risks of viruses and diseases by providing Ugandan women with jobs and educational opportunities.


Musana International is empowering women in Uganda and helping them break the cycle of poverty. Many Ugandan women are in charge of providing for their families, however, there are very limited opportunities for women to work in Uganda. Musana International is working to change this by hiring Ugandan women to make jewelry which is then sold within the United States. This opportunity gives these artisans a sustainable income and helps support their families’ nutritional, health, and educational needs.

The doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation™ recognized the impact Musana International was having on these women and their families and was happy to donate to help further their cause. Donations allow Musana International to continue to employ woman and open opportunities for their successes and happiness. Donations also contribute to the various programs and projects designed to benefit these woman and the communities they live in.

One of the programs that Musana International provides for their artisans is a health program. Because of poor living conditions in Uganda, these women and their families are at a greater risk of obtaining viruses and diseases. Common viruses or diseases in Uganda include hepatitis A, hepatitis B, malaria, and yellow fever.1 Musana International strives to keep their artisans healthy and clear of viruses and disease. Through their health program, they offer subsidized medical costs which help these woman and their families get the best medical care when necessary. The organization also subsidizes mosquito nets to ward off malaria, provides opportunities for HIV counseling and testing, and teaches health and first aid classes.

Another emphasis of Musana International is education. The organization hosts English, business, and health classes at their workshop so that women can continue to learn and plan for future successes. Musana International also gives opportunities for artisans’ children to go to school through their School Fees Matching Program; a program where each artisan pays half of her child’s school fees and the matching program will make up the financial difference. Additionally, the organization established a community library in Lugazi, Uganda in March of 2015 to help community members have a source for furthering their education.

Musana International is making a significant difference in the lives of women, families, and community members in Uganda. Through their contributions and services, they are not only providing sustainable livings and reducing poverty, but they are educating individuals to be their most successful selves.

Visit Musana International to learn more, purchase, or donate.

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