Ivy Girl Academy

dōTERRA Donates to the Ivy Girl Academy September Workshop for Teen Girls


Teenage girls from around Utah gathered in Pleasant Grove for the Ivy Girl Academy workshop on September 12th to receive training focused on becoming and remaining confident, classy, and kind. The Ivy Girl Academy is an organization that offers confidence and leadership training for young ladies, including 8-hour workshops where girls learn the "12 Levels of Ladyhood." This year, doTERRA gave back to the academy by donating products that were used as prizes for the girls who attended the September workshop. 
During a typical IGA workshop, girls from ages 12-18 learn a variety of skills that help them prepare to navigate through their teenage years, and transition into young adulthood. The academy’s main mission is to train the girls on leadership and confidence, however, other sections of the workshop include learning the art of gratitude and serving others.
Aside from these trainings, there are several activities that cover real-life situations the girls will come across at some point in their teenage years. For example, in one section of the workshop, the girls learn about dining and social etiquette as they sit down to a four-course meal. Another practical section of the workshop teaches the girls about self-defense.

While many of the activities at the workshop are more skill-oriented, one special part about the workshop is the focus on gaining confidence through a positive mental attitude, goal-setting, and self-respect. These kinds of trainings are especially important for young teenage girls, since they are susceptible to developing anxious feelings or bouts of depression as they move into their adolescent years. Although both genders are at risk for mood disorders like depression and anxiety, teenage girls are twice as likely to be diagnosed with a mood disorder as teenage boys.1 When depression and anxiety go unchecked, especially in teenagers, this can lead to more serious mental health problems in the future.

The September workshop successfully accomplished IGA’s goal of empowering teenage girls as they prepare for their high school years and beyond, and doTERRA appreciated the opportunity to contribute to such a powerful youth event. To learn more about the Ivy Girl Academy, visit their website.


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