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dōTERRA Donates to Therapeutic Program for Victims of Human Trafficking

For victims of human trafficking and sexual exploitation, assimilating back into normal life can be a long, painful process. The Florida Abolitionist, a nonprofit organization, established a program dedicated to helping women who have been sexually exploited, called "Cherished, Precious, and Loved." This program falls under the umbrella of The Florida Abolitionist, a group that aims to end the human trafficking problem in Orlando, Florida. Though Cherished, Precious and Loved (CPL) has been in the works for years, 2015 is its first year in action.


Recently, the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation™ provided a donation to the organization, in hopes of benefitting the women in their journey through CPL. The 36-week program devotes one day per week to survivors of sex trafficking—these women are brought from group homes to a church facility that The Florida Abolitionist group is currently using. Within the program, women are educated on life skills, nutrition, and self-care, and have access to information about educational opportunities, counseling, and spiritual support.

Following involvement with human trafficking, many victims suffer serious physical and emotional damage that can impede their ability to transition back into a normal life. Many victims experience Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), which can also cause feelings of anxiety or depression. These psychological effects can last for years after victims are rescued from human trafficking situations, and often hinder quality of life.

Aside from psychological damage, victims also suffer physically from sexually transmitted diseases (STD), and infectious diseases like hepatitis or tuberculosis, as a result of living in unsanitary environments.1 Victims often suffer for long periods of time with diseases like hepatitis, urinary tract infections (UTI), or even pneumonia because they haven’t had access to proper healthcare, due to their abusive circumstances.

During the "Cherished, Precious, Loved" program, victims of the Orlando area have the opportunity to participate in therapeutic activities that will aid in their emotional healing. Along with counseling and self-improvement classes, victims participate in dance, yoga, group therapy, psycho-education, and other therapeutic activities designed specifically for this type of recovery. The program aims to offer a sense of peace, security, and overall wellbeing, while guiding victims through the process of reconnecting with family and loved ones who support their recovery.

doTERRA’s donation will help support CPL’s needs, as more members join the therapeutic program. To learn more about Florida Abolitionist, or to donate to their cause, visit the Florida Abolitionist website.

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