dōTERRA Essential Oils Provide Hope to School Children in India

 A donation of dōTERRA essential oils by the dōTERRA Healing Hands Foundation™ brings hope to poor children in India


Demazong Academy is located in the Indian State of Sikkim and is bordered by the Himalayas to the north, Nepal to the East, and Bhutan in the West. Pema Buhta, Principal of the Demazong Academy, opened the school in his own home seven years ago where he taught just 10 students. Since then, the number of students has grown to 120, and 20 of those students are currently living at the school full time and have their living expenses and tuition paid for by sponsors in other countries. 

Vera Taylor, an Australian Wellness Advocate, sponsored 11 of those 20 children along with her team. Accompanied by her friend and fellow Australian Wellness Advocate Kathy Brooker, Taylor had the opportunity to visit Demazong Academy in 2015 to donate supplies and visit the children. The doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation provided a donation of doTERRA essential oils for Taylor and Brooker to distribute while they were there, and that donation was very well received by the Academy.
“We also took oils for our own use,” says Taylor, “but we were soon giving anything we had to the teachers and children. We saw daily the benefits the oils were making in the children, the teachers, and the community.”
Upon their return to Australia, Taylor and Brooker received a letter from Buhta thanking them for their donation: “I would like to thank doTERRA for sending the oils,” says the Academy Principal, “These oils are helping this little school of underprivileged children very well. We will always remain thankful for helping us.”

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