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dōTERRA Donates to the Children’s Friend Foundation to Help Prevent Addiction


Cancer and stroke are examples of the harmful effects of addiction, but with the help of The Children’s Friend Foundation, addiction and its effects can be overcome.

With individuals, families, and children suffering from the destructive effects of addiction, The Children’s Friend Foundation strives to create awareness about addiction and help struggling individuals escape its grasps. In the United States, nearly twelve percent of children under the age of eighteen live in homes where there is a parent with substance dependence or substance abuse problems.1 The Children’s Friend Foundation is helping these parents and children see that recovery is possible, while also working to educate individuals on how to avoid addiction before it takes place.

doTERRA recognizes that addiction can be destructive and that there is unmeasurable value in being or becoming addiction free. In an effort to support this cause, the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation donated to The Children’s Friend Foundation to help continue their progress in creating an addiction-free society.

Addiction is a powerful condition that can negatively affect many aspects of an individual’s life, and it can even be fatal. A very common and life-threatening addiction is drug addiction. As far as health is concerned, "cardiovascular disease, stroke, cancer, HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, and lung disease can all be affected by drug abuse."2 When drugs enter the body, they affect the brain’s cells which can eventually result in a stroke, or if certain drugs are inhaled, this can cause stomach cancer, mouth cancer, kidney cancer, and many other forms of cancer.Other health issues from drug abuse can include weakened immune systems which can lead to infection, nausea, and abdominal pain.4

Unfortunately, substance addiction problems do not end there. Because drugs can impact the brain and the user’s health, it can cause altered behaviors in the users themselves. This behavior can have extreme and frightening impacts on the children of substance abusing parents. Children in homes of substance abusers are at a greater risk of child abuse, injuries and deaths due to vehicular accidents, and becoming substance abusers themselves.

The Children’s Friend Foundation seeks to put an end to addiction and its horrible side effects. Their services provide an advocate for addicts in need of compassionate treatment. The foundation also focuses on raising awareness, inspiring others with hope to overcome their addictions, and pursuing the very best treatment available so they can help individuals stay sober and live purposeful lives.

Visit The Children’s Friend Foundation website to learn more or donate.


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