3Strands Global


The doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation® has forged a corporate partnership with the 3Strands Global Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to stopping the serious and widespread issue of sex-trafficking. By partnering with 3Strands Global, the Healing Hands Foundation can help to make a difference in places like Nepal, Cambodia, and the United States where the human trafficking industry is rapidly growing. 

While 3Strands Global has many projects and initiatives designed to abolish human trafficking, their organization focuses on three specific objectives—to reintegrate, educate, and mobilize. Their reintegration efforts focus on helping victims of human trafficking transition back into normal life. 3Strands Global works to create job opportunities for those who have been affected by trafficking, as well as those who might be at risk, giving them a safe way to spend their time and make money. 

The education portion of 3Strand Global’s mission focuses on not only raising awareness about the issue of sex-trafficking, but by providing educational and training programs that will help to prevent the issue altogether. With help from other non-profit organizations, the California Department of Education, the Attorney General’s Office, and others, 3Strand Global took part in creating the PROTECT project, back in 2015. The PROTECT project (PRevention Organization To Educate Children on Trafficking) is a joint effort that aims to lower children’s vulnerability to being trafficked by educating groups about possible dangers and the reality of the problem. 

The doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation has taken part in the PROTECT project by helping to implement a pilot program in the Alpine School District of Utah. 3Strands Global hopes that with continued funding, they will be able to bring the PROTECT project to hundreds of schools throughout the world. 

Lastly, 3Strands Global focuses on mobilizing communities, or hosting events to promote awareness about human trafficking and inspire action among individuals and communities. Their most popular event is the Break Free Run, a fundraising race that helps 3Strands Global to spread their message and fund important reintegration and prevention programs.

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