How can I talk about Cassia oil in a compliant way?

  • Take one to two drops internally to promote healthy cardiovascular system function*
  • Take in veggie capsule to maintain cardiovascular health*
  • Promotes healthy digestion*
  • May help to supports healthy immune system function*
  • Warming, uplifting aroma
  • Can be used in cooking either as a replacement for Cinnamon in pies and breads or by itself in a myriad of entrees and desserts
  • Diffuse Cassia for feelings of arousal
  • Blends well with citrus oils or White Fir
  • Diffuse with Clove and Ginger during fall and winter for a happy holiday
  • Take one to two drops in veggie capsules for healthy immune system support*
  • Combine one to two drops along with Lemon in a glass of water to aid digestion or ward off hunger cravings*
  • Massage with carrier oil for warming sensation
  • Put a drop in your water when hiking to support hydration

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