Blessed by a Friend

Rebecca Leonardes

“My motivation in this business is my family. I want to live as many beautiful experiences with them as possible, and I want to do it all with us in good health. We want to travel; we want to feel free both financially and time-wise.”

Blessed by a Friend

Several significant circumstances in Rebecca’s life collided when she enrolled in Ange Peters’ stroller boot camp class. Rebecca was a new mother, thinking about creating a toxin-free home and utilizing natural healthcare. These questions and concerns about wellness were amplified by her mother’s recent cancer diagnosis, so when she met Ange, the conversation naturally turned to Ange’s experience with doTERRA. Rebecca remembers that first workout class. “I just wanted to get some exercise, meet other moms, and be outdoors with my daughter. I couldn’t have known what a journey Ange and I were about to embark on together.” 

Over time, their relationship developed, and Rebecca continued to seek Ange’s advice about health and wellness. It was then Rebecca was invited to use the oils and learn about the business. “I didn’t really know what I was getting into,” Rebecca remembers, “but I knew that I trusted her, and that was all I needed. I also felt that she believed in me.” After using the oils with success in her home, Rebecca became a voracious student of essential oil benefits. “I didn’t know it at the time, but I was carving out an entirely new career for myself. My focus now is exclusively on health and wellness and how I can support other people in finding what works for them. My mom and my daughter are the inspiration for the best shift I could ask for in life.”

As Rebecca transitioned into building, she drew upon the strength and support of her mentor, Ange. “I knew that the invitation to join the business was special because I had been invited to do so by someone I knew, loved, and trusted. The idea of being aligned with her to share my experiences with the oils seemed like a no-brainer. It didn’t require any sleepless nights debating whether it was right for me. I liked the oils a lot, and if sharing just meant talking to others and gifting them with what I knew, then that was all I needed. The fact that someone would invite me to join them in the creation of something, and showed trust in my ability to do so, was a gift.”

Looking back on the road to Diamond, Rebecca is grateful for the encouragement and love of her circle of supporters. Chief among those friends is her husband. “He is a huge part of my business,” she says. “He allows me the space to do what I do, but he is always willing to share ideas and helps me to communicate in a more effective way.” Additionally, Rebecca has relied on her team and thanks them for their support. “Some are genius creators and have mastered the art of online business building. They push me to be better because they know I can be. They know that I crave growth in certain areas, so the push comes from their encouraging words and examples. Patience and persistence is something they all have.” Together, Rebecca and her team look forward to continued growth and expanded influence, and they share the goodness that has blessed them so abundantly.

Listen to people

“Really listen. They will give you clues about what they need and/or want. Some need financial healing and some need physical, mental, emotional, spiritual healing. It is only then that you can offer a piece of what you do.”

Fall in love with your oils

“It’s the no-fail first step. Use them all day, every day. Experiment and learn before strategizing about growth and rank. If you aren’t completely sold on the product, you won’t have the passion that makes the business opportunity work.”

Use the products in front of people

“Add the lemon to your water bottle, get your roller bottles out and apply to your wrists and neck, etc! Allow people to see how you’re living. They are curious, and it is the best way to offer to share with someone when they ask what you’re using.”

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