With Motherhood in Mind

Sam & Alison Langridge

“My amazing husband has been my rock. He is my cheerleader and best friend.” 

With Motherhood in Mind

Alison Langridge was invited to a doTERRA class several times before she finally went. At the class, she was blown away by the benefits of essential oils, and she wanted to learn as much as possible. Her research was followed by curiously applying oils on her children, and Alison was astonished by the changes that she saw. At that moment, she knew she wanted every mother to know about doTERRA.

She says, “I blindly trusted my intuition and just went with it because it felt right to share.” Then, she started to see her upline, Li Fryling, excel as a builder. Li believed Alison could do it too, and so Alison started to dream bigger. 

Living near Vancouver, one of the most expensive places in the world to live, the Langridge family were hard-pressed to make it on one income. Yet, Alison was committed to being a stay-at-home mom. “Once I started to truly understand what this business could provide for my family,” she says, “I became very intentional and began climbing the ranks steadily. I realized this opportunity would empower me to be the mother I always wanted to be.” 

From the beginning, Alison knew she wanted to be Presidential Diamond. When it came time to make the push toward Diamond, she realized it was mind over matter. “I became intentional; I was able to focus and work hand-in-hand with my team, and I got there. I never gave up.” 

As her business has grown, she’s realized she has to make time for both her business and her family. She employs a nanny two to three times a week, which allows her to block off consistent times to work; this, she says, is key in a doTERRA business. “Some days I’m doing more doTERRA and other days I’m doing more mom,” says Alison. “It’s something that I’ve always been flexible with and will continue to do.” 

Now, her family has been blessed not only financially, but physically and emotionally as well. Alison says, “It’s given me the confidence to know I can do whatever I set my mind to, and it’s allowed me to comfortably stay home with my babies and hold them close. These are memories I’ll always have for the rest of my life because I was able to be there with them every day. And, it’s shown my two sweet girls that you can think outside the box and do, and be, anything you want to be.” Alison’s children are blossoming in the light of their mom’s example and joy, which makes everything about the Diamond journey worth it.


“Consistency trumps talent—always. If you’re consistent in this business, you’ll get to where you want to be, wherever that is.”


“If you’re resilient, you’ll be able to be consistent. When something doesn’t go your way, you’ll know that it’s a small hiccup, and you’ll keep going.”

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