Heart and Vision

 Matthew & Avasa Love

“Put your heart, mind, and soul into even your smallest acts. This is the secret of success.” –Swami Sivananda 

Heart and Vision

Matthew and Avasa Love had multiple close friends who were doTERRA Wellness Advocates. While they loved the essential oils, the Loves were skeptical of the business being a pyramid scheme. They say, “We also had an attachment to the image of who we were as artists and spiritual seekers and what that should look like—marked by scarcity and the ‘starving artist’ mentality.”

They had been waiting tables at restaurants their entire marriage to support their artistic and spiritual passions. Finally, they opened their minds to see that the doTERRA business opportunity could be a better way to support their lifestyle and enable them to become philanthropists. “It is a vastly wiser investment of our time and resources than a job that pays an hourly wage,” say the Loves.

Matthew and Avasa began the business as “equally inspired partners.” Avasa’s strengths are in learning and presenting, while Matthew is more involved in recruiting and strategy. They built their business almost entirely independent of their direct upline. They say, “We have had the gift of taking full ownership of our challenges and successes, and it’s given us the space to create the team environment we envision.” It’s allowed them to demonstrate to others that it isn’t essential to have upline support to succeed, because all the leaders in doTERRA give their support and knowledge freely to everyone.

Inspiring their own downline is important to them, and they do so by radiating faith and confidence in them. “We listen to their hearts’ longing so that when they are in doubt we can remind them of their why,” say Avasa and Matthew. “We don’t give up on them, so they don’t give up on themselves. While mentoring them, we stay focused on their goals and try not to put our personal desires before theirs. There is so much power to the mindset of positivity, faith, and non-attachment.”

Now, Matthew and Avasa want everyone on their team to have the freedom they are now experiencing. “We look forward to all of the philanthropic endeavors that will be possible when we are Blue Diamond and Presidential Diamond, especially working for the preservation of the indigenous communities. As well, we are so grateful to continue to offer our music to the world with unlimited creative freedom. Thank you, doTERRA, for being an extraordinary vehicle for our hearts’ vision.” 

Tips for New Builders:

Your doTERRA business is built upon one small heartfelt action and connection at a time.

Treat your business like a brave experiment. Find courage in your soul to act before you know everything.

Embody humility to learn from those who have walked before you, and confidence to find your own authentic expression.

Never give up. Don’t lose faith. Keep going. Around the corner of every disappointment is the next big leap.

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