Freedom of the Soul

Marie-Christine Morin

“People will be attracted to who you are by the light you glow.” 

Freedom of the Soul

Marie-Christine Morin had long been a believer in and user of essential oils when one day she saw the Living magazine and doTERRA product guide on her friend’s table. When she asked about it, her friend didn’t seem to know much, except that “these essential oils are the best in the world.” Marie-Christine borrowed the brochures from her friend and started looking up doTERRA online. Four months later, her research made her feel confident that doTERRA really was the best; she enrolled with the intention of making the business her new career.

With her master’s degree and years of professional experience, Marie-Christine had never imagined she would get involved in direct sales. Her time in the corporate world, however, made her realize the inflexibility, hierarchy, and limited financial growth of the traditional model of employment weren’t for her. Though she was working full time and teaching fitness classes, Marie-Christine decided to make doTERRA her Plan A so she could be free. She says, “I was determined to find time and make sacrifices for the short term so I could build a business that would help me have a more fulfilling life for the long term.” 

Because of doTERRA, Marie-Christine can now have a positive impact on people’s lives. She decided she wanted to be Diamond early on and went from Gold to Diamond in four months through Diamond Club. She says, “This is what my journey to Diamond brought me: soul freedom, peace, and love. Plus, hitting Diamond for me was such a tremendous leap forward in my financial situation.” Now, she feels “lighter” and says she loves the person she has become. 

“Since the day I committed to developing my business, I’ve been forced to let go of certain fears and limiting beliefs,” says Marie-Christine. “It’s forced me to have faith, to believe, and to respect my leaders’ rhythm. My soul found peace through adversity. I am richer in my personal life, in experiences, and in my finances. I will be forever grateful.”

Find the why

“Motivation is short-lived. It’s like coffee; it gives you the boost you need and then it’s gone. My downline can be motivated by a short-term goal, but to continue to build and to lead my team, their why has to be clear.”

Understand them

“I create incentives for my team, and I am there to cheer them on and celebrate their victories. But, I will also work with them on their vision, and particularly on their strengths. The key to understanding motivation starts with understanding people.”

Emphasize Strengths

“What can my downline bring into their business? What do they have to offer? If I get to know them, their strengths, and their motivations, I will have the tools and understanding to truly lead them to success.”

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