Essential Healing

Colleen Stong

 “This is my own marathon, and I get to set the pace to ensure I cross the finish line.”

Essential Healing

Colleen Strong’s personal and professional experiences with traditional healthcare were important preludes to her decision to build her doTERRA business. “I ran the pathology department in a large teaching hospital in London, Ontario, and later I left the hospital to start the Canadian subsidiary of a U.S. medical equipment company,” says Colleen. With her background in traditional medicine, Colleen wasn’t open to using essential oils for healthcare. When she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012, however, her well-being took a downward turn, and she found herself looking for solutions in less traditional places.

In her own words, "In 2012, I underwent a double mastectomy and reconstruction in 2013. Everything went wrong with my reconstruction, and I experienced tremendous challenges to my physical and emotional health over the next two and a half years. After a year and a half of intense health challenges, I was invited to an introductory essential oils class. I was so very desperate for help that, even though I was extremely skeptical, I went and thought to myself, ‘If even half of this is accurate, I need these.’”

Colleen purchased a Home Essentials kit and slowly started using the oils for physical support. In addition, she began taking Life Long Vitality, and within three weeks her husband noticed a difference in Colleen. "I hadn’t actually realized the change," she says, "because it had happened gradually, but his comment, ‘What’s changed? You’re your old self again!’ helped me to realize that I had energy to do all the things I loved to do but hadn’t been able to do for the past eighteen months. That was the turning point for me!”

With a freshly lit flame of determination, Colleen experimented and eventually developed a pre- and post-surgery essential oil protocol to support her body through the rigors of repairing the damage and reconstructing her breast again. “Having that protocol for the last six months of my surgeries made a tremendous difference in my emotional health, my recovery time, and my healing and scarring,” she says. “I was so passionate about what doTERRA did for me that I started my business while still having surgeries and while my upline was out of the country for a month! I wanted to share doTERRA and reduce suffering, because ultimately that’s the gift that doTERRA gave me. So, I just figured out how to teach a class and jumped in. When I had a surgery scheduled, I would simply take the month following surgery off in order to rest and heal and then continue teaching classes and building my business. Having something so amazing and positive to focus on in my life was a real blessing, and I’m forever grateful to doTERRA for giving me that when I needed it most.” With her healing well underway, Colleen is rebuilding her life and building an enduring legacy of wellness.

Seek to share

My approach to sharing doTERRA has always been to simply share my experience, present the opportunity, and then help those that are ready to get started. Centering my efforts and energy on helping people brings joy and purpose.

Rank is not a race

I never pressured myself to hit a rank by a certain date. I know that goes against common teachings, but putting timelines around achievements stresses me out and demotivates me. Of course, there are times when I pushed hard but that was a choice my husband and I made, and we knew that it was a temporary situation and necessary for the long-term plan.

Embrace you role as a mentor

"It lights me up to help my leaders with strategy and ideas on how to build their businesses. I couldn’t be more grateful for the amazing women and men that are part of our team, and they inspire me every day to continue to find ways to support them to achieve their dreams. How awesome is it that? By helping others build their dreams, I build my own!”

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