Mindset Matters

Christine Thethi

“Act like a Diamond before you are a Diamond. Fully believe it. Like any rank, you must believe it, do the work, and take full action.”

Mindset Matters

With two small children, Christine Thethi found herself looking for health solutions to improve her family’s wellness. A friend reached out to her about doTERRA and offered Christine some samples. Since that day, she’s never looked back. 

Christine eagerly purchased the Home Essentials Kit. It didn’t take long for her to see how the ten oils in the kit would benefit her family. She knew she wanted to share at this point but wasn’t sure how. “I had friends come to me and ask if I was selling doTERRA. Initially, I was in denial that I was a salesperson,” recalls Christine. “It wasn’t until I started receiving messages from friends and family about how thankful they are for the oils that I realized I’m not selling anything—I’m sharing a lifestyle.” 
Soon, sharing doTERRA became Christine’s passion. “I like to say I have an addiction,” Christine jokes. “I was talking oils non-stop and it became my life. In the beginning, it was difficult to know when to turn off my enthusiasm because sharing never felt like a job to me.”
Family is central to Christine’s motivation. From the beginning she knew she wanted to create a life of freedom, but the time investment the business required made it difficult to balance work and home life. It took some time to create harmony in these essential areas, but Christine finally found a plan that works for her family. Christine states, “What helped me to get balance was creating a schedule. Every Sunday, my husband and I plan the next week’s schedule. We plan dinners, chores, classes, etc. I always have my daily schedule and follow it. This works for me and keeps me on track, so when my kids come home from school, I can be present.” She says, “Creating a work/life balance is super important. It took me some time to figure it out, but remember, it’s all a part of the process. Be gentle with yourself and trust that it will all figure itself out.”
Christine relies on her husband for support. She recalls, “My husband is my support, but he wasn’t always in the early days.” Christine’s husband was a bit skeptical about the doTERRA business, but after attending the 2016 global convention, he soon changed his mind. Christine says, “He wanted to know more about the company. He came to the 2016 convention with me and sat through the entire thing. This is where he knew and felt doTERRA was incredible and gave me his full support.” From there, when Christine needed to leave for meetings or to teach classes, her husband was there to hold down the fort at home and help with the children.” She continues, “Taking my husband to convention with me was a game changer in my business. Having his support has unlocked so many doors.”
Today, Christine is thriving in her business and with her family life. She says, “Being able to work full time at home is the greatest gift of all. Waking up in the morning and not having to rush off to work or being able to drop and pick up my kids are memories I will always remember. I have grown so much personally. doTERRA has given me so much confidence. I now live a life waking up feeling grateful for every day.”

Become passionate

“I didn’t experience true passion for this business until after results and gratitude started rolling in from users. Now my passion drives me. It will always be the fuel that keep me going every day.”

Banish limiting beliefs

“Remove the excuses in your head. Roadblocks will come and they will never stop you. I attribute my success to this: I never gave or took any excuse.”

Remain present and positive

“Accept where you are at this point in your business. Stop comparing yourself to others and don’t let rejection get in the way. Be gentle with yourself and keep moving!”

Be true

“Be your authentic self. People will love you for you, so don’t try to be someone you are not. Share from your heart and people will feel your passion.”

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