The Power of Vision

Alison Yeo

“The most important part is how many people you meet, the influence you have, and the relationships you build along the way.”

The Power of Vision

Alison always thought she was meant to run her own business, but like many others, she was skeptical about the direct sales industry. When her search for a solution to her baby’s skin issues led her to doTERRA , and she witnessed first-hand the results of essential oils, Alison’s mindset began to shift. “Through personal research and shared experiences of doTERRA users, I knew this company was different and I wanted to be a part of my family’s future.” 

Alison was quickly able to overcome her doubts and was excited to start her doTERRA journey as a Wellness Advocate. “Now, I know that this is the very best industry for moms to be part of.  It gives us the opportunity to use our strengths, skills, and knowledge to earn an income for our families without sacrificing time away from our kids and homes—where our strengths, skills, and knowledge are the glue that hold everything together.” 

As a former elementary school teacher, Alison uses her teaching skills in her doTERRA business. She describes herself as a lifelong learner who loves learning new things, trying new things, and teaching others to do the same. She applies the same principle when she shares doTERRA with others—learning about the oils, trying them on herself and her family, and then sharing her experience with her team. She says, “The work we do feels amazing because every time we introduce someone to doTERRA, we know we’re improving their life, as well as improving our own lives both physically and financially.” 

Alison’s journey to becoming a Diamond wouldn’t have been possible without her support system. Her husband, Jason, made it possible for Alison to pursue and achieve her goals. “He holds the house together when I’m busy building our future,” says Alison, “and he constantly reminds me why I’m doing the work and making the sacrifices that I am.” Jason enjoys working with numbers and uses his skills to help Alison with updating monthly records and spreadsheets and keeping track of data. Her friend, Dunja Szlatoszlavek, whom she refers to as her “business bestie,” has been her supporter, cheerleader, and problem solver. Finally, there’s her mom, Pauline, who attended Alison’s first class and encouraged her daughter to get on the Loyalty Rewards Program. 

One of Alison’s greatest challenges with growing her doTERRA business is trying to find a balance between work and family. She learned that once she started taking care of herself, everything else just fell into place. Leaving her full-time teaching career was a difficult, yet rewarding, decision for Alison. She was able to focus on her business and spend more time with her family. Alison’s husband serves as an encouraging voice to remind her of their shared priorities. “He always keeps me and my ideas in check by asking, “Is this going to be good for our family, for your current team, and for our future?”  

Alison always wanted to have time freedom so she could leave her full-time job and play a bigger role in her children’s lives. Now that she has the time freedom, her purpose is evolving, and she can dream bigger. Alison says, “I want other parents to realize that, even though we were raised to believe we have to go to school, get a good job, and work until retirement, the truth is, we can design our own lives! Whatever income goal someone has, they can achieve it with doTERRA.”

Think long-term

“You need to think long term and consider these hours an investment in your family’s future. “Do something today that your future self will thank you for.” Whether that be making healthy choices or taking action in your business, just do something every day.”

Take notes

“Keep a journal, and make sure to include your significant oil and product experiences and your feelings about teaching your first class—who and how many people showed. This will help guide your team members through their early stages.”

Treat it like a business from the beginning

“You are the CEO of a Diamond organization in the making. Ask yourself, how does a Diamond treat his or her business? Then, go do that. The way you treat your business will show people how they should treat it. Be professional and respectful of your time and money, and people will learn to respect you as a professional.”

Be yourself

“You don’t need to be exactly like your uplines to be successful in this business; you need to be yourself and share authentically and confidently. The right people will find you, but they can only find you if you put yourself out there.”

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