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dōTERRA evōlve | connection 2021—Highlights

Day 1: Product Reveal

This year’s product reveal was one for the books! During the first day of convention, we announced an exciting lineup of new products, including doTERRA On Guard+™ Chewable Tablets, Tusli (Holy Basil), Copaiba Touch, Deep Blue™ Stick, and Madagascar Vanilla—not to mention the new abode™ line! Learn more about the new products below.

Day 2: Confidence

The second day of convention was all about confidence. To open the session, Corey Lindley, Founding Executive, spoke about the journey doTERRA has taken. He then went on to speak about pure products and why you can have confidence in what you buy from doTERRA. He also explained why sourcing is so important to doTERRA.

“In the past, I have talked a lot about sourcing, but let me just summarize why we do what we do in our sourcing efforts. When we started doTERRA, we committed to only sell pure and natural essential oils, but as we quickly grew and expanded, trusted suppliers told us that there was no way they could continue to supply us with 100% pure essential oils. They said that it was impossible to continue to increase the supply because there just weren’t enough pure oils in the world. They tried to sell us extended, or adulterated, oils, but of course we said that wasn’t an option. The only option for us at that time was to venture directly into the world of essential oil sourcing and, as you know through our Co-Impact® sourcing efforts to ‘source the best and help the most,’ we have revolutionized the world of essential oil sourcing and set a standard that no one can match.”

After Corey, Dr. David Hill, Founding Executive of science and healthcare, took the stage. As he spoke, he urged everyone to remember their tried-and-true doTERRA favorites and just how powerful they are.

“Think about the first time you opened a bottle of Peppermint, of Wild Orange, of Lavender. Remember that feeling? I do. That feeling of amazement and power is still there. We have so many exciting new products, but don’t forget you already have everything you need to be successful in doTERRA. There is so much power in the basics, in essential oils. We can’t forget what started it all.”

He continued, saying doTERRA is the leader in the essential oil world and we’re working to take our standard of excellence to the next level. Following Dr. Hill, Dr. Russell Osguthorpe, doTERRA CMO, took the stage and went into detail about the exciting research doTERRA is doing. He reminded everyone how important research can be in helping people understand the power of essential oils. Dr. Osguthorpe described three incredible studies, the findings of which are amazing!

Dr. Osguthorpe’s words on research were so powerful. And the powerful messages didn’t stop there. Tim Valentiner, VP of global strategic sourcing, was next, and he talked about doTERRA sourcing and how we’re taking our standards even further.

“doTERRA’s purpose and mission is to source the best and help the most. We offer the best essential oils in the world, while also positively impacting those behind the bottle—blessing lives on both sides of the bottle.

“I’m excited to announce, after years of research and work, we now have an established method for measuring, evaluating, and leveling up our practices even higher. We’re calling this effort our Co-Impact Sourcing Expansion Program. The primary tool we’re using in this program is a detailed, comprehensive scorecard through which we can audit our suppliers to increase transparency and truly measure the impact being made around the world.

“We are using the Co-Impact Sourcing scorecard to increase transparency and accountability with ourselves and our suppliers, and it works by evaluating them in the three components of Co-Impact Sourcing.

“The first component is being at the source. This means having visibility into the entire supply chain, including the process of production and the people involved.

“The second component is environmental stewardship. We take our stewardship seriously, and we understand how important it is to be ethical and sustainable in how we produce essential oils.

“The third component is focused on social impact. When it comes down to it, we are in the business of helping and building people—improving lives. And that happens on both sides of the bottle.

“Another important part of this scoring process is actually bonus points, which our partners can earn as they obtain other certifications, such as ISO, Fair for Life, Fair Trade, Organic, [and] UEBT, among others. The reason why these certifications are important is because they provide a useful framework for scrutiny and monitoring. But none of them in isolation capture all the aspects and expectations we are placing on ourselves and our suppliers. This is why we created our own Co-Impact Sourcing standard.

“Over the next five years, our goal is to audit the more than 270 of our partner essential oil supply chains and ensure that a minimum of 95% of them meet at least the Silver Co-Impact [Sourcing] standard.

“In order to facilitate this, doTERRA has opened a Co-Impact Sourcing Challenge Fund as an incentive for our partners to improve. This is how it works: together with our partners, we help them identify where they can improve, they present a detailed plan of how they will reach their goals, and we will match up to 75% of the costs to make their plan a reality.”

Tim wrapped up his speech by emphasizing why doTERRA is the best in the world when it comes to producing pure and potent essential oils.

“doTERRA knows what it takes to create pure and potent essential oils, and we have the desire to make the world a better place. By caring about our production practices, environmental stewardship, and social impact, we are producing the best essential oils on the planet in the best possible way.”

In the remainder of the session, we heard from Greg Cook, Founding Executive; Kirk Jowers, VP of corporate affairs; and several incredible doTERRA members, who shared their powerful stories and experiences with doTERRA and essential oils.

Day 3: Empowerment

The final day of convention was focused on empowerment. Saramarie Smith, US general manager, opened the session and has this to say:

“Now, empowerment isn’t handing out food or money, though there is certainly a place for pure charity. It’s about teaching others how to provide their own food and income.

“Empowerment is helping people to thrive in life. Empowerment at its core is an increase in strength and confidence, and doTERRA strives to empower not only the individual, but also the team, the family, and the community of the individual. We empower each other most effectively when we do it together.

“As a company and as a doTERRA family, we have always had a fundamental core of honoring the value of people over profit and community over commerce. Through doTERRA, people have found many kinds of empowerment. They’ve found health empowerment through our products, gaining freedom from struggles that they may have faced for years.

“They’ve found empowerment in their finances through the doTERRA business opportunity. They’ve found empowerment in their families by having the power and confidence to control their environment and provide a natural lifestyle. The list just goes on.”

David Stirling, Founding Executive and CEO, then took the stage to share how a new hospital is bringing empowerment to women and families in Somaliland. He spoke about the struggles he witnessed during his first visit to Somaliland and the struggles the mothers faced during the terrible civil war. He went on to speak about how doTERRA has strived to make a change in the area, then invited Dr. Osguthorpe to join him on the stage and detail his visit to the new Sanaag Specialty Hospital shortly after its opening. Dr. Osguthorpe shared a powerful experience.

“I’ll never forget my first patient: a father carrying his young son. They had clearly been waiting in the line for hours. Five days earlier, the seven-year-old had been kicked by a donkey and had landed and hit his head on a rock. From the moment I started examining him, it was clear there was a serious problem.

“He had what we call a depressed skull fracture of the left parietal lobe of his skull. And you could just feel a huge hematoma right here. Despite seeming all right, the child was at critical risk of prolonged seizure disorder at best or infection and death at worse. Miraculously, the Sanaag Specialty Hospital’s doctor was able to provide emergency surgery.

“The boy is thriving now. This hospital is not only saving lives; it’s [also] providing hope for health and healing where there wasn’t before.

“My most profound experience in Sanaag was meeting one of my heroes: Edna Adan Ismail. Edna has been called the Muslim Mother Teresa, as she has dedicated her entire life to improving infant and maternal health in Somaliland.

“We invited Edna to attend the Sanaag Specialty Hospital grand opening, and this amazing 83-year-old woman traveled over 14 hours in order to help inaugurate the hospital. She even chastised the region’s leaders to finally approve the use of the local airstrip so that future trips will be faster.

“As Edna toured our facilities, I loved watching her interact with our staff—almost all of whom she had trained. Always a teacher, she drilled them on how they’d respond to certain medical scenarios. I’ll never forget how often she demanded, ‘Show me your hands. Show me your hands.’ As she was inspecting the midwives’ hands for cleanliness, I couldn’t help but think it was a call to each of us to pay attention to the details and remember to always use our hands for good.”

We were then honored to welcome Dr. Edna Adan Ismail to the stage! After an insightful interview with Edna, David Stirling took the stage to remind everyone the Sanaag Specialty Hospital wouldn’t have been possible without them.

“As you can see, Edna Adan Ismail is a remarkable woman who has accomplished many of her own miracles throughout her life. Not only has she trained Sanaag’s staff, but our hospitals will now function as sister hospitals, jointly able to care for a much broader area of Somaliland.

“We are honored to announce that Edna’s name and profound legacy of love are enshrined on the Sanaag Specialty Hospital.

“None of this story could have taken place without you! Thanks to all your support—as of the end of August—the hospital has already seen 3,600 outpatients, launched four satellite clinic locations, treated 94 acute patients, conducted 46 surgeries, injected eight individuals with plasma for the first time ever in Somaliland, and delivered at-risk mothers and infants via C-section. Additionally, we have conducted over 8,600 diagnostic procedures and tests. We are moving the needle, but now is no time to slacken our pace.

“And in the words of Edna, ‘Don’t ever underestimate the capacity of a human being who is determined to do something.’ Thank you for all you do in making miracles happen at doTERRA.”

Afterward, Missy Larsen, VP of philanthropy and community impact, took the stage to talk about doTERRA Healing Hands®. She brought Regan Plekenpol on stage to describe how Wellness Advocates can partner with doTERRA to make an impact. Missy then spoke about a cause that’s close to the hearts of everyone at doTERRA: combatting human trafficking.

Missy was joined by Elizabeth Smart, and Elizabeth spoke about her experiences as a survivor, the resiliency of the human spirit, and how we’re not defined by the things that happen to us but rather by our choices.

Following Elizabeth’s remarks, Emily Wright, Founding Executive of global leadership development, was joined on stage by Sara Blakely, founder and owner of Spanx, for a conversation about her journey and what advice she has for others as they start out. It was incredible to hear from these two powerful entrepreneurs about their experiences and the lessons they’d learned along the way.

After Sara and Emily, we heard from a few Wellness Advocates who have been empowered through doTERRA. To close the session, Emily Wright took the stage once more and spoke about why the future looks bright for doTERRA.

“This wasn’t just another doTERRA convention. This event represents so much more. I know each of us felt it individually as we made preparations to be here in person or to join virtually. Now we feel it as a collective family. Our minds and hearts have been opened. Our souls have been awakened. We have been reminded that we are making a difference and that we matter. The stirrings of our purpose have been brought back to our remembrance. We have come alive as we have connected to a mission and purpose that is bigger than all of us. We have felt the power and essentialism of human connection.

“doTERRA was born so that health freedom could exist. We set out to revolutionize healthcare by offering natural solutions that put you in the driver’s seat. You have heard the word ‘empowerment’ used many times over the course of the past three days. doTERRA truly is an empowerment company.

“Part of that empowerment means we get to make choices for our health and well-being that are best for us and our family. We get to have certainty in an uncertain world. And that certainty only grows stronger as we are educated and given the tools to care for our bodies as we see fit. Isn’t that an awesome feeling?

“As we breathe in, apply, or ingest these life-giving drops of pure goodness, we are changed. We become more connected to nature, to our own bodies [and] emotions, and to each other.

"doTERRA represents hope. Hope for a vibrant life. Hope for healing. Hope for a safe place to belong. Hope for freedom. Hope to find our voice. Hope for an empowered life. Hope for happiness and ultimate joy. Hope and fear cannot co-exist.”

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